Different Styles Of Parenting By Diana Baumrind

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There are several different styles of parenting, authoritarian, authoritative, disengaged, and permissive, according to Diana Baumrind with different characteristics and goals. The two quantifiers of the different types of parenting are responsiveness which is the degree that parents are sensitive to their child’s needs and express love, warmth, and concern for them, and demandingness which is the degree that parents set down rules and expectations for behavior and require their children to comply with them (Arnett, 2016). These different styles of parenting produce children with different outcomes in terms of personality and behavior, and that difference is due to the amounts of responsiveness and demandingness that is present in each of the styles. These outcomes of the children will affect them their entire life, from how they raise their children to how they fit in at school and in their culture to their grades and social life. The authoritative parenting style is characterized by high responsiveness and high…show more content…
But even though the outcomes are different, they are not necessarily bad because different cultures value different things in their children. For example, collectivist cultures value being one with the group and children of authoritarian parents would do well with raising their children in that culture. Individualistic cultures value individualism, creativity, and success, so children of the authoritative parent would fit in more in that culture (Arnett, 2016). One style of parenting is not better than the other, it just depends on what culture the child is raised in and how they succeed in

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