The Ethics Of The Workplace

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Although many companies today have unfortunately drifted away from giving their customer an exceptional customer service experience, there are many ways to bring the focus back to the workplace by incorporating a few key strategies. This is done by coming up with a set plan, or level of organizational changes to which you’ll incorporate into the business in regards to your norms and beliefs to wish you’d like others to apply. Let’s begin with the three most important factors to which a company should always consider and what they mean, they’re as follows: behavioral addition, behavioral substitution, and visible artifacts. Behavioral addition is when a company makes significant changes to their overall set ways through set norms, acceptance of principle, or ethics that were once unspoken of (Williams, 2013). Another behavior, is when upper management and colleague’s change how they present themselves to others, by incorporating and applying a new approach in replacement of old ones. “The key in both instances is to choose behaviors that are central to and symbolic of the old cu...

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