Ethics In Dori Meinert's Creating An Ethical Workplace

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Throughout your life, you’ll face tough decisions where you'll have to decide possibly against your ethical beliefs. Ethics don’t necessarily always have to involve law abiding. It’s rather about trusting your moral path and doing the right thing. Dori Meinert is the author of “Creating an Ethical Workplace” she explains the thought behind the never black or white decision making when it comes to businesses. Can businesses truly trust those individuals hired to steer their companies? It was mentioned that last year 41 percent of U.S. workers said they observed unethical or illegal misconduct on the job, according to the Ethics Resource Center's 2013 National Business Ethics Survey. Meinert’s article was not only eye-opening but very truthful since we’ve all been faced or witnessed unethical decision making. Once employees see individuals breaking the rules and regulations others will then think it's okay, which could result in employees leaving or major hoops for companies to jump through. When we tolerate misconduct we lower productivity and diminish the reputation of a company. Meinert mentioned that if…show more content…
Holly Nowak’s take on how HR professionals have the ability to influence their company's ethics and play a leading role in development is 100% correct. HR professions have the resources to mold and shape an ethical workplace culture because their involvement in hiring, training and evaluating employees allows them to influence their organizations at many levels. Currently, in my role as a Resident Director, I’ve had to make many ethical decisions. My decisions aren't surrounding money but instead students well-being. It’s important to know how my decisions might affect the individual and the community. So from an HR standpoint making sure you hire individuals or train individuals to think and realized what's wrong and right in situations is

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