The College Of Nurses Of Ontario ( Cno )

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Introduction The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is the governing body of all registered nurses in Ontario and is regulated. The CNO provides expectations and guidelines to follow, which need to be met by each Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) individually. As a nursing student, I am taught about the CNO and the importance of referring back to the guidelines while caring for patients. While gaining experiencing in the nursing field through my clinical settings, I have realized as a nursing student there are areas I need further development in. In this paper, I will address two of my learning needs and my goal for each. I will also discuss the plan I created in order to successfully meet my learning needs prior to becoming an RPN, and how I will evaluate whether or not I improved in these two areas. Learning Needs / Goals The two areas I feel I need further development in are understanding the scope of practice for an RPN, and Intravenous (IV) therapy. I need further development in knowing what the scope of practice of an RPN is because at clinical I am unsure of the difference in roles of the RPN’s that are working on the units compared to the Registered Nurses (RN’s). I feel that knowing and understanding the scope of practice of an RPN is crucial, in order to ensure the safety of the patients, but also to protect your license as a nurse. Also, it is important to understand your role as a nurse to ensure the patients’ needs are being met, and to ensure you stay within your scope of practice while providing care. The CNO’s scope of practice statement is, “The practice of nursing is the promotion of health and the assessment of, the provision of, care for, and the treatment of, health conditions by supportive, preventive,... ... middle of paper ... ... development is still needed. Nursing is a field that changes on an ongoing basis, and we as future nurses need to use the CNO as our governing body in order to provide evidence-based care to our patients, and to ensure we are meeting the standards laid out for us and ensure we continue to educate ourselves on the changes (CNO, 2009). As future nurses, reflective practice and being able to seek out your strengths and areas of improvement is part of the CNO self-assessment yearly requirement (CNO, 2009). Therefore, I feel that as a student nurse, reflective practice in the clinical setting is essential in order to ensure as a future nurse our obligations to the CNO are met, and we fully understand what the CNO standards of practice entail along with the entry to practice competencies. This will allow me to become a competent and accountable nurse in the future.
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