Reflective Plan For Capstone

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As student nurses, I have many goals that would like to achieve upon completion of 150 hours of my capstone course. My plan is to use this opportunity to demonstrate competency skills, and knowledge gained through previous quarters. I have listed seven learning goals that I wanted to achieve during the capstone experience. On my first day of capstone, I have gone over each one with my preceptor and requested from her to provide me with feedbacks, so I can use them as stepping tool to work upon. These goals ranged from critical thinking decision making, culture, growth & development, legal and ethical to clinical competence safety/holistic care, evidence-based practice, and professionalism lifelong learning.
Critical Thinking and decision making
Relate personal learning style to preparation for the NCLEX-RN: Critical thinking and being able to work together with the healthcare team is a key to be a successful nurse and providing the best care to the patients. A nurse should understand the disease process to fully understand how to care and organize a plan to care for assigned patient. This concept will also help me learn and understand better and eventually apply this knowledge toward NCLEX as well. My goal is to exhibit the use of my critical thinking skills throughout assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care (ADPIE). Much of the nursing school courses specially medical- Surgery centered around evidenced based which now I can see how to relate them into capstone course and eventually helping me to pass NCLEX.
Culture Growth & Development
Discuss the relevance of personal developmental stage and culture to career planning: As an US immigrant and near future patient advocate, I think on...

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... should be involved with the patient care along other health care members, to increase my learning beside benefiting the patients. If a nurse comes to work to exclusively do the job, the environment not favorable, and non-productive, and there will be no development and growth. For this reason, my plan is to constantly be involved in care of assigned patients, with the health care team. My future goal after starting my career is to join committees within my workplace and to stay on top of the latest research and suggest implementing some of these findings into practice and continually update my learning.
As a senior nursing student, capstone is a great opportunity to enhance the clinical decision making and nursing intervention skills of the senior student. The course designed to all of the knowledge and skills to come together and apply them to patient.
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