The Characteristics Of Committed Vs. Slacking College Students

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It’s the beginning of the fall semester and millions of students are either beginning or continuing their journey towards obtaining their college degree. However, many students fail to exert the dedication and commitment required to succeed in college. There is a significant amount of students who treat college as a minor commitment which can have disastrous academic results. The students who slack off throughout college, often receive lower grades which can affect their job prospects upon graduation. Both Committed and Slacking college students intend on earning a college degree, however evaluating the characteristics of each group may cause college students to think twice before slacking off during the semester. A student’s work ethic…show more content…
This lack of attentiveness often results in students doing the bare minimum on assignments, and underperforming in exams. These students are not interested in achieving the highest grade possible, and won 't hesitate to skip an assignment if it won’t rule them out from receiving passing the course. For instance, a slacking student may skip various homework assignment if they calculate that it would not drop their grade to a “D” or “F.” Furthermore, risking their grade so often leads many of these students to take a “W” or drop a course once they have fallen too behind. Although these students generally receive lower grades, both groups of students understand that failing a course is simply a waste of time and…show more content…
Conceptualizing the differences between Committed and Slacking college students is crucial for students to realize the severity of the risk they take if they chose to slack during college. For instance, a student who earned a majority of C’s in college may not be as lucrative as a job candidate with a 4.0 gpa. Students should exert their full effort towards their studies or risk falling behind the rest of their peers in college. In the end, Committed college students are better suited for employment because their work ethic, academic transcript, and recommendations speaks volumes about the work ethic they possess. Earning a college degree can be a life changing experience, however, failing to fully commit towards one’s education can be severely

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