The Effect of College Athletics on Academics

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College is a time for young people to develop and grow not only in their education, but social aspects as well. One of the biggest social scenes found around college campuses are athletic events, but where would these college sports be without their dedicated athletes? Student athletes get a lot of praise for their achievements on the field, but tend to disregard the work they accomplish in the classroom. Living in a college environment as a student athlete has a great deal of advantages as well as disadvantages that affect education and anti-intellectualism.
Around the country, college athletic programs are pushing their athletes more and more every day. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is an association set up to regulate the athletic programs of colleges in the United States and Canada such as eligibility, sportsmanship, and play. Due to NCAA rules, the “student” comes first in “student athlete.” This means that in order to be a full time student, 12 credit hours a semester are required, and in order to compete in athletics, students must maintain a core GPA of 2.3 or higher. It may seems easy right now but throw in lifting, games and practices, along with team meetings, and you’ve got yourself a full time job on the side.
The average division 1 football player devotes 43.3 hours per week to their sport giving them 3.3 hours more than a typical American work week. With those statistics, I think it’s safe to say that being a collegiate athlete requires more than a full time job. Trying to keep up with homework and attendance in class poses many challenges especially when the NCAA requires students to miss class for championship games, televised games, or other events that bring in revenue for the school. ...

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