Sports Are More Important than Education

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As of 2007, a total of 15.6 million undergraduate college students attended school in search of a higher level of education ("How Many?"). In spring of 2013, only 14,473,884 students attended an American college or university, constituting a decrease of 1,126,116 students compared to 2007 ("College Enrollment "). One reason for the decrease is that some students do not have any plan for after high school, however most student-athletes do. It is often said that education should come before anything else, an example being athletics. So when an argument rises on whether or not student- athletes in college should be exempted from class attendance policies to participate in sport related activities such as practices, meetings, and games the immediate answer by many would be no. However, student-athletes should be exempted from class attendance policies because some student- athletes attend college primarily for their sport and students should be able to invest more time and effort in the true reason of their collegiate career.
It is often said that education should come before anything else. “Education is the most important factor in the development of the country” (“Education”). However, this is not always true in terms of the success of one’s collegiate career. Education is not every student’s top priority, and there are many ways to live successfully after college without focusing on the academic part as your top priority. Only about 30 percent of Americans complete a bachelor’s degree by their mid-20s, with another 10 percent completing an associate’s degree by then (Paulson). Not everyone’s top priority is academics, with many alternatives and goals to pursue, many people drop-out or simply stop trying and eventually flunk out. H...

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...e policies.

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