First-Year College Students Receiving Help

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Students entering college for the first time become concern with their college life. The students are on their own once they enter college. There are no parents or guardians telling them when to do homework, when to go to bed, or how to eat healthy. These student are now responsible on how they are going to succeed in school and meet their own needs. From the beginning, these students wonder what their experience is going to be like and are they going to handle the demands from college. Students are becoming more stressful due to academic demands, social life, and work. First-year college students should receive more help from school to learn how to help themselves and become independent.
In college students must learn how to manage their time, organize their schedule that meets their college and personal duties, how to be resourceful, and how to interact with people whom they never met. Before college, a variety of students already learned how to accomplish these skills, but only a few of these students are fully responsible for themselves before leaving their home. Students who are dependent are most likely to have been helped by their parents who took an overprotective or extreme interest in the life of their children. Many students do not get the help they need to become independent and being overwhelmed may lead a student to commit suicide, fail, or even drop out during college. If a student fails, his or her self-esteem can be permanently damage, and the consequences can effect an entire lifetime. Students must receive more helped by college administrators and professors and influence them to self-mange better. It is understandable that some people do not want colleges to help more because they want the students to do mista...

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...emotional demands of college. A student may lose balance when weighed down by the pressures of academics, social life, and work. These students need more help from their college to help themselves overcome the emotional demands. The schools must have programs that helps students become more prepared for college and after graduation. These students must think independently, act more independently, and navigate the world more independently. The college must find ways to help students help motivate themselves. Be able to succeed in life releases stress.

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