The American Of African American Society Between 1857 And 1877

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1.) What events and movements prompted the federal government to redefine the standing of African Americans in American society between 1857 and 1877? The events and movements that promoted the federal government to redefine the standing of African Americans in American society between 1857 and 1877 started in 1857 with the Dred Scott Case. This is followed a few years later when 1863 President Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation. This states that “all persons held as slaves are, and henceforward shall be free.” In 1863 President Lincoln announces The 10 Percent Plan. In March 1865 the Freedmen’s Bureau was created by Congress. In April 4, 1865 President Lincoln is assassinated making Andrew Johnson president where the next month in May 1865 the new President Johnson announces his plan for Reconstruction. Shortly after in November 1865 there are new “Black Codes” denying African Americans many rights and allowing unnecessary arrests. The next month in December 1865 the states ratify the 13th Amendment that abolishes slavery. Early the next year in February 1866 Congress attempts to protect ex-slaves by elevating the power of the Freedmen’s Bureau. Two months later in April 1866 Congress passes the Civil Rights Act of 1866. June that same year Congress submits the 14th Amendment to the states for ratification. In the Summer of 1866, rioting took place in Memphis and New Orleans by whites, showing Northerners that they need to take more action for the freedmen. The next year in March 1867 Congress separates the South into two military districts that are subject to Martial Law. This allows for ratification of the 14th Amendment and guarantees voting rights for African American men. In early 1868 President Johnson was impeac... ... middle of paper ... .... This affected the nations politics by moving toward the first representation of an African American in the state legislature (digital history: Congressional reconstruction). 4.) Why did the federal government abandon its pursuit of racial equality? The federal government abandoned its pursuit of racial equality because of the disputed presidential election of 1876. This played a part in this because of a split between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden. After much fighting and vote discrepancy it came down to a meeting in February 1877 in Washington D.C where the Democratic leaders accepted Hayes’s election in exchange for many Republican promises. This is when the Compromise of 1877 came about and federal troops were pulled out of the south. This brought Reconstruction to a formal end and therefore ending the protection and their pursuit of racial equality.
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