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  • Essay On Washington

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    Washington is one of the most fascinating states in the entire United States. As one of the few places in the country to possess a rain forest, the state has some of the most diverse natural attractions found anywhere in North America. Also with a history of European exploration and settlement that dates back to the early 1800s, Washington possesses a very engaging history that visitors are sure to enjoy exploring as they visit the state's cultural and historical attractions. All in all, visitors

  • George Washington

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    Washington, George (1732-99), commander in chief of the Continental army during the American Revolution, and later the first president of the United States. He symbolized qualities of discipline, aristocratic duty, military orthodoxy, and persistence in adversity that his contemporaries particularly valued as marks of mature political leadership. Washington was born on February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia, the eldest son of Augustine Washington, a Virginia planter, and Mary Ball Washington

  • The State Washington State

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    A REPORT ON WASHINGTON STATE The State of Washington is located in the far northwest corner of the United States. It has 66,582 square miles between the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Idaho boarder to the east. Washington borders Canada on the north and Oregon on the south along the Columbia River. Washington is the 20th largest state and has very different western and eastern natural environments, which are divided by the Cascade Range. It is home to 6 million residents (2001 census estimate)

  • George Washington

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    Washington was born in Westmore County, Virginia, on February 22, 1732. He is the son of the late Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. Augustine was a tobacco farmer and a stock raiser. Washington spent most of his early childhood on the Ferry Farm in Fredricksburg, Virginia. He attended school up until his fifteenth year. Washington married Martha Dandridge on January 6,1759. Washington spent his early adult years as a farmer and as a surveyor until he was appointed adjutant for the southern

  • George Washington

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    George Washington is best known as the "Father of our Country." He cared for this country much like a parent would care for a child. During his presidency, he solved many noteworthy problems. His achievements led to a democratic, wonderful country we like to call The United States of America. Although he’s not thought of as glamorous, George Washington is looked upon with the utmost respect and awe by all countries of the world. George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia

  • The Washington Monument

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    The Washington Monument The most stunning monument in our capital is the Washington Monument. At 555 feet high, it is the tallest such monument in the world. It is an obelisk by shape, yet not a true obelisk because it is not carved out of a single stone. The monument was built at intervals between 1848 and 1885. It memorializes George Washington's achievements and his devotion to principles and to his country. The Washington Monument has an interesting history. The idea of a monument celebrating

  • Washington Square

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    Washington Square In Putt's book Henry James: A Readers Guide, he speaks in a chapter about Washington Square. Within this chapter he goes over the role that Catherine plays in the story. She ultimately chooses spinsterhood, and not to defy her father, and to be the good daughter. The theme of avoidance o f marriage, spinsterhood, is something that is focused on by James in much of his work (Putt 46). Putt dwells on the fact that the father was a cruel man, and gives extraneously long quotes

  • Washington Square

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    Washington Square I’m depressed. Well, how could I not be? I just finished reading Washington Square. I’m happy it’s over, but I’m not happy I finished it. No, that doesn’t make sense does it? Lets just say, I had a feeling how it was going to end up; I just hoped that I would be wrong. Unfortunately the one time I didn’t want to be right I was. Isn’t that the way it always works? I guess so. Catherine, dear plain old, Catherine. Poor girl, father thinks she’s plain, she thinks she’s

  • The Washington Monument

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    The Washington Monument The Washington Monument, a memorial structure designed and constructed in the nineteenth century, signifies an important tribute to the prestigious role and achievements of our nation’s founding father. Ideas for such a monument first arose in 1783, by which time “the fame George Washington, Commanding General and first President of the United States, was assured in the pantheon of statesmen of the world” (1). It was during this year that the Continental Congress proposed

  • Biography of Norman Washington Manley

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    Biography of Norman Washington Manley Norman Washington Manley was born in Roxborough, Manchester, on July 4, 1839. He was the son of Magaret and Thomas Albert Manley. He attended Beckford & Smith High school. Since his youth, Norman Manley began to show hints of greatness when it came to sports and intelligence, hints which manifested themselves when Norman Manley attended Jamaica College. Norman Manley set records and gained national attention in the area of Track and Field and later as

  • George Washington Failure

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    George Washington was a hard working individual who was a prominent leader in the French and Indian war, the American Revolution, and the formation of the United States of America. George Washington was a raised by his mother, who parented Washington to be independent and to finish what you started. Furthermore, Washington was very self-determined, with a personality that did not give up and was in the best interest of the people. Besides that, George Washington was a great military leader as well

  • West Virginia and Washington State

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    abundant natural beauty with cosmopolitan flair. From the peaks of the Cascade Mountains to the emerald lowlands of Puget Sound to Seattle's eclectic port-city charm, the state of Washington offers a vibrant mix of urban and rural settings. LoopNet puts the vast northwest within your reach. The easternmost portion of Washington houses Spokane, a city of a quarter of a million residents that's only a few minutes from the Idaho border. Spokane is close enough to the Cascades to make it an attractive tourist

  • The George Washington

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    Through the many obstacles, America has experienced; George Washington helped this free country become united and created by the people for the people. We know and call him by the title of the Founding Father of the United States. In three important ways, Washington helped shape the beginning of our evolving civilization. For instance, he commanded the Continental Army that won American Independence from Great Britain, known as the Revolutionary War. He was also nominated the president the U.S. Constitutional

  • George Washington

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    George Washington - The Father of Our Country Why has George Washington earned the title "Father of our Country"? He was a great military leader and served as a general in the Revolutionary War. Washington was very involved in setting up the government of the United States and served as the first President. He is the most honored of any President and there are many things that help us remember him often. With all he has contributed to the success of our country, he certainly deserves this title

  • George Washington

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    George Washington George Washington is known as the man who brought America to victory in the Revolutionary War. Washington led the Continental Army in many battles, although there were multiple strings of defeats before any victories. During the war, he successfully crossed the icy Delaware River in the middle of the night preparing for attack against British mercenaries. It was the day after Christmas when they attacked. Towards the end of the war, the battle of Yorktown struck. George Washington’s

  • George Washington

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    George Washington was the first person of the United States of America to hold the office of president. George Washington was an American by blood and by heart. Being a leader of such a country is not easy, as it requires hard work and confidence. Washington had to endure many hardships but he met many challenges. With no one to follow as a role model, George Washington served this country for many years. George Washington was born a leader and grew up good-mannered and for this he became the first

  • Bibliography Of George Washington

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    Bibliography of George Washington George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmore County, Virginia and spent most of his childhood there. Until George Washington attained 16 years, he lived at Wakefield Plantation, Virginia, as well as other plantations that are along the Potomac River, including one that later came to be referred to as Mount Vernon. Chernow assert “Washington’s education was rudimentary, possibly being attained from tutors but probably as well from private schools, where

  • George Washington Strengths

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    George Washington has captivated the minds of students and scholars alike. The great man that made our country what it is today. As an Army General he meticulously strategized the defeat of the British forces during the Revolutionary War. He was a forefather to our nation and the first President of the United States of America. His thoughts, ideology and leadership helped build the United States into the country that it is today. George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on

  • George Washington

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    surrender to Great Britain. However, George Washington was not settling with anything less than trying their best. He kept that little flicker of hope that was still left, alive. The Continental Congress did not see much hope in the war either and turned the responsibility of the war to General George Washington. Washington received a message from Congress saying, “Full power to direct all things relative… to the operations of war.” (Dupuy 63-64). Although Washington did not see this as much of an honor

  • George Washington

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    A Great Leader : George Washington A war veteran, leader, and first president of the United States of America, George Washington was one of our greatest leaders of all time. As one of the founding fathers, George Washington lived during the era of struggle and colonization. As the first President of our country, Washington learned valuable skills as a young boy, became a war hero, and set the standard for the future leaders of the United States of America. On February 22, 1732 one of the greatest