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    Slavery The American Civil War happened around the time President Abraham Lincoln was elected on November 6, 1860. The southern states were not pleased that republicans were planning to have an anti-slavery law. This caused all the confederate states to secede from the other colonies and they elected a new president which was Jefferson Davis. Slavery played a big role in the civil war and was one of the causes which made it happen. Even though President Lincoln tried to bring back the confederate

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    The American Civil War The American Civil War had made a major impact on the course of the nation's history. Slavery was a major factor in Southern and Northern USA's economy — the South had used slaves in cotton plantations, and the North relied on the South to provide cotton for them to manufacture and trade. However, in the Pre-Civil War era, people had started to gain a sense of morality to stop slavery. The Northerners believed in abolition, but the South had relied on slavery in order to grow

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    The Civil War was the worst war in American history. More Americans died in this war than World War 1 and 2. The events that lead up to the Civil War show that it was a conflict that was going to arise no matter what happened. Abraham Lincoln was vital to the outcome of the Civil War. Lincoln was born in 1809. Lincoln’s whole family were opposed to slavery considering it cruel and evil. Lincoln’s mother died when he was young. Even though his family were poor, Lincoln had a strong a memorable

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    The American Civil War Works Cited Not Included Horrific! The American Civil War, also known as the War Between States and the War Of Secession, was an extremely gruesome and bloody war (World Book 614). The war, which started on April 12, 1861, when the southern troops fired on Fort Sumter, and ended 4 years later, took more American lives than any other war in history (614). This war was between a divided union in whish the southern states were trying to preserve slavery while the northern

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    The United States has been involved in many wars throughout history. Americans have fought and died in many wars such as the war for independence in World War I to Desert Storm. One of the bloodiest wars in our nation’s history is without a doubt is the Civil War. Prior to the beginning of the Civil War, the country was divided by the issue of slavery. When President Lincoln was elected to office, several states seceded from the Union. During this war, “Over six hundred thousand men died, and hundreds

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    The American Civil war was a series of transactions, or exchanges, between the North and the South. These transactions involved over 1 million Americans who put their lives at risk for the liberation of the country’s slaves. These transactions were influenced by three paramount concepts: perspectives, values, and relative evaluations of costs and benefits. In the midst of this tumultuous period of time in American history, these concepts shaped not just the people themselves but the social, political

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    and slavery; events leading up to the Civil War. Many people are unaware of the Native Americans’ involvement in the Civil War. In actuality, many Native Americans were fighting, many died, and even the ones not in war, such as, women and children, were effected in the aftermath. Land was taken from them and property was destroyed. Native Americans were belittled and treated with injustice. Not only did they fight for their own rights but some Native Americans fought alongside the white man; joining

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    There were many aspects of the Civil War, some were big and some were small but all were significant for the history of Union. Many people were involved in this great war, many of those people died. The great cause that all of these men were fighting for was to “save the union”, as Abraham Lincoln said in 1862. There was no interfering with the states that were free and the states that were slave states all he wanted to do was persuade the rebellious states that the Union was good and convince them

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    The American Civil War Ever since the beginning of America there have been consequential events that led to the American Civil War. Throughout history, there has been much controversy over whether this war was or was not unavoidable. Upon looking back into the chronicles of history and the longtime conflict between the North and the South, one can see that the American Civil War was undeniably inevitable. One major contributor of aggravation between North and South was the belief in Manifest

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    The American Civil War One of the documents I have chosen is the Address of Negroes. It started in Alexandria, Virginia, from August 2 to 5, 1865 was address to the Loyal Citizens and Congress of the United States of America adopted by a Convention of Negroes. It states that the war is over, the rebellion is “ put down”, and we are declared free! Four-fifths of our enemies are paroled or amnestied, and the other fifth are being pardoned, and the president has, in his efforts at the reconstruction