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  • The Constitution of the United States

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    Perhaps the greatest document of all time, the Constitution of the United States of America was not easily created. Fifty-five great men were needed to hammer out all the details of the Constitution in a long grueling process. As James Madison, architect of the constitution said, “The [writing of the Constitution] formed a task more difficult than can be well conceived by those who were not concerned in the execution of it. Adding to [the difficulty] the natural diversity of human opinions on all

  • United States Constitution

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    Philadelphia debates in 1787, Edmond Randolph set aside the Articles of Confederation and the Congress of Confederation, and instead created the skeleton of a new constitution which included a Supreme National Government with separate legislative, executive, and judicial branches; the start of a republican government. The final draft of the Constitution went to the floor of the convention on September 17, 1787. Fifty-five delegates were sent to Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation, and after

  • The Constitution of the United States

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    The Constitution for the United States took many years of controversy to establish. The final Constitution for the United States set up a government based on the system of checks and balance. The Constitution consists of three branches, the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch. Powers given to each branch are equaled out by each other, helping to keep any one branch from taking over. The first Constitution for the United States was called the Articles of Confederation

  • The Ratification of the United States Constitution

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    During 1787 and 1788 there were quite a few debates over the ratification of the United States Constitution. The issues disputed are outlined and explored in the Federalist Papers, an assortment of letters and essays, often published under pseudonyms, which emerged in a variety of publications after the Constitution was presented to the public. Those who supported the Constitution were Federalists, and those who opposed were Anti-Federalists. Their deliberations concerned several main issues. Alexander

  • The Constitution of the United States

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    The Constitution of the United States The United States Constitution is the law of the United States. It is the foundation of this country and the most important document in its history. It provides the guidelines for the government and citizens of the United States. The Constitution will unquestionably continue to carry us into the 22nd century, just as it has for over two hundred years. The principles of the Constitution remain strong to this day, especially with respect to our government

  • The United States Constitution: The Development Of The US Constitution

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    The development of the U.S. Constitution was a series of many trials and errors. There were many problems starting from the Articles of Confederation and even the battle to ratify the constitution. Not everyone wanted the same thing for the new government, however they all agreed that they didn’t want the same type of government that they had unde English rule. The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution in the United States. This constitution was drafted in 1776 and approved in 1781

  • The Constitution of the United States

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    amendment of the Articles, but an entirely new draft called the Constitution of the United States. Since then, this document has not only been referred to as the “supreme law”, but as the cornerstone and foundation of the United States government. Time after time in American history, its guidelines and effectiveness have proven that the Constitution is not a document to be disregarded. Therefore, the Constitution of the United States should be looked at as a paradigm and fully relied on for all political

  • Exploring The Constitution: The Constitution Of The United States Constitution

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    considering whether the Constitution in its current form should be ratified, four main points of consideration come into focus: the four main arguments determining the future for the United States and its people. Under the current form of government, the Articles of Confederation, a question of whether a stronger central government is needed is asked. This question is followed by if the United States would be more prosperous under a confederation of loosely governed states, and if a powerful national

  • The United States Constitution

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    The main goal of the Constitution was to create a single, united nation. Through the process of creating a perfect union, the founders resolved some critical issues. Unfortunately, they ignored important issues that would create consequences for future generations of U.S. citizens. This was due to the focus of the founders while creating the Constitution. Their emphasis was placed on the rights and powers of the federal and state governments, not on the implementation of Native Americans into American

  • The Constitution And The Constitution Of The United States Constitution

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    1787, a year that is known all throughout the United States. That is the year that our founding fathers signed the United States Constitution. The Constitution; a document that has shaped the United States for some 200 years. It is the world’s longest surviving written charter of government in the world. It established our rights as individuals and it established the rights of a newly formed government. It implemented clauses and amendments to keep the people and the government on an equal level