Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Over thirty million innocent lives have been terminated since abortion became legal (How Many Abortions Performed Since 1973, 2000). For the past forty-three years since Roe V. Wade made abortions legal. Abortion has been a controversial topic on why abortion is unethical in depriving an innocent life a chance of living. Although most people are prochoice and for abortion, society needs to know the reasons why it unethical. For each life that has been terminated since, abortion became legal it one less life that could have had a chance to be somebody like a doctor, nurse, teacher, maybe even a president. Abortion should be illegal because of the physical risks to the woman, the fetus is a human life and it is unethical to kill a fetus. Having an abortion is a surgical procedure that may cause physical risk to the woman. Many women are willing to take the risk on putting their bodies in that physical danger; just to terminate an innocent life. Having an abortion can have many physical risks, such as ectopic pregnancies that can damage the uterus that can affect women from getting pregnant in the future and can be life threating. Having an abortion puts a woman six times of a higher risk of committing suicide. Many women live with their shame in silence that causes them to commit suicide. Many mental health providers tend to ignore the mental physical issues that a woman is feeling inside. Instead mental health providers just want to medicate women with antidepressants to ignore the painful feeling they are experiencing inside to fill the void of terminating an innocent life. “Abortion is an underlying cause of depression is frequently ignored. “For example, one young woman, hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, "informed numerous d... ... middle of paper ... ...rts and minds: the faithless heart that makes women want to emulate the "freedom" of the men who have abused or abandoned them” (King, 2006., para.11). Consequently, the law should be changed due to the harmful effects to the woman, to protect all unborn life and it is immoral to terminate a fetus. As a result, many women are willing to go through an abortion that is a surgical procedure to terminate a life that can have long term effects, physically and mentally. As I said before a fetus a living organism that starts forming from the time of conception that is not considered a human life in the eyes of society. There is no justice for this unethical reasoning in killing a fetus and society accepting this violent act to an innocent human life. Therefore, when Roe V. Wade legalized abortion they did not stop to think of all innocent lives they were terminating.

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