Argumentative Essay: Why Should Abortion Be Legalized?

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Abortion has been a method since at least ancient history. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 22 weeks of pregnancy. There are multiple ways a woman can have an abortion, however the one most commonly used is the suction abortion. The suction dismembers the baby while sucking their body parts through a tube. I feel strongly that abortion should be illegal because it can result in medical complications, psychological trauma, the fetus can feel pain, and abortion is murder. First, I feel that abortion should be illegal because it can result in medical complications and also psychological trauma. It can cause premature birth and could also cause a baby to be handicapped in future pregnancies. A woman who has had an abortion is 2.3 times more likely to get cervical, ovarian, and or liver cancer. Abortion is the cause of 47,000 woman’s death yearly. It can cause depression for at …show more content…

Yet, I have clearly shown that the fetus is a separate person with its own heart, lungs, brain, and all different body organs. The oppositions would say that it is the woman’s right to terminate her own pregnancies. Yet, in the eyes of the law two charges are filed when someone kills a woman and her fetus, so how is it her right to kill another human being? A woman doesn’t have four arms, four legs, two heads, four kidneys, two hearts, and two brains… so how is it only her body? I am strongly against abortion being legal because it can cause medical complications, psychological trauma, a fetus can feel pain, and abortion is right out murder. The oppositions can claim that it is the woman’s body, yet the fetus and the woman have different blood types, kidneys, lungs, and hearts! In conclusion, if you were in a woman’s womb, would you want to be considered just a body part that can be aborted or a future

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