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The birth of a child is usually a wonderful and priceless occasion. However, on June 5, 2015, an eleven-year-old girl gave birth to a newborn girl. Approximately a year before she gave birth, her 40-year-old father repeatedly sexually assaulted her. In this case, the unprepared eleven-year-old child decided to have the baby. This is a prime example that illustrates that the right to abortion should always be vested in the woman. Abortion, which has been debated for centuries and will continue to be fought upon for centuries to come, is a hot issue among social, political, and religious entities. This research paper will inform the reader about abortion using scholarly journals to define abortion, specifically when a fetus becomes a human being, What does it mean to be Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? Pro-Life means those who oppose abortion for any reason, In contrast, Pro-Choice means those who argue everybody has the right to decide if they wish to seek an abortion or not. Glenn I. Cohen, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, argues that Pro-Life advocates firmly stand on the concept of, “Fetuses are persons and get some of the rights of persons from early on in their development, particularly the right of inviolability” (88). Christian and other religious groups confidently believe an embryo transforms into a human being as soon as conception occurs. What this means is that once the male sperm connects with the female egg, that is when the embryo becomes a living person and any abortion that takes place is killing a human being. In contrast, scientifically the newly founded embryo is not a human at all, but just a bunch of cells dividing. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, Catholic priest and philosopher, a fetus is not a human being because it does not possess language or articulated thought - one of the defining aspects of human nature (qtd. in Eco 51). Theoretically speaking, a fetus is not a human until it can think and talk. With that being clarified, the rest of the essay will first include arguments for and then arguments against Karen Pazol, et at. are all specialists doctorates at Division of Reproductive Health. The Division of Reproductive Health at the Central Disease Control and Prevention has observed abortion, and gathered information and statistics for yearly reports since 1969. These intellectuals at the CDC looked on abortion between different ethnic groups, religion, and age, which concluded abortion has been declining year after year. Although abortion differs in race, religion, and even age, there are many repeated reasons why women decide to have an abortion. In 2004, Lawrence B. Finer, doctorate and Director of Domestic Research at Guttmacher Institute, surveyed one thousand two hundred nine abortion patients at eleven of the largest abortion providers and examined the reasons for terminating a pregnancy across subgroups. He concluded three out of every four women said the reason for an abortion was because a child would get in the way of education or professional goals. Seventy-three out of one hundred women said the reason for an abortion was because they were financially unstable, and nearly one out of every two said it was because they did not want to be a single parent, or because she was having problems with her spouse. One out of every three said they were not ready to have a child. Younger women sought abortion because they are just starting their life and they are not prepared to transit to motherhood,

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