Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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The abortion issue is argued from two different views, however, from a moral perspective, it is wrong to terminate a human life. For generations, society has tried to uncover an answer to whether the human life begins at conception or when an infant takes its first breath. The human life is a fascinating topic that fills a person with questions and hypothesizes. Science has mostly proven and answered the vast majority of questions about the human body. Although, there is one question no one can seem to answer. When does the human life begin? If an answer were to arise, would it really matter in the abortion debate? Even if it were proven, abortion would still be wrong and society would need to end the terminating of fetuses. The practice of abortion, which is the terminating of a pregnancy to avoid giving birth, has been in use for thousands of years, even dating back to the ancient times and when the early settlers had first arrived to the Americas. Due to lack of technology, some pregnancies were often terminated by use of herbs, sharpened tools, and even applying pressure to the abdomen, the NAF (National Abortion Federation) reported. As time went on and at the beginning of the 1800s, states began passing laws that made abortion illegal to keep immigrant numbers down. However, during this time, abortion was a very risky procedure. There were not many hospitals, antiseptics were inexistent, and many of the doctors were still in their early years of medical education. In the early 20th century in midst the inner cities, women would seek back alley abortions. Why would women seek out this dangerous procedure? Abortion was illegal at the time, so back alley abortions were the only way to go for women who were desperate enough t... ... middle of paper ... ...s a heartbeat, working vital systems, and it’s a living, breathing, and moving being. Just because a fetus can’t say anything in its defense doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve at a happy, healthy life. Everything on Earth deserves a chance to live and prove their worth in the world. The fact that women feminists believe in the right for women to choose abortion is offensive. They make women out to be weak and too irresponsible to make rational decisions. If women can’t take responsibility during intercourse they shouldn’t be doing it knowing the consequences. There are dozens of different types of birth control out there. There is no reason for women and men not to go around without taking the necessary precautions. The fact that abortion is still legal and a debatable topic today makes our race look weak and too irresponsible to take responsibility for our actions.

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