Secret Cake Case Study

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Secret Recipe has faced some problems when provide services for their customers and these problems would lead to decrease of customer’s satisfaction. Our team has identified the problems that occurred during the process where Secret Recipe delivers their services for customers.
Firstly, one of the problems faced by Secret Recipe that could dissatisfy the customers is the service quality. The frontline employees do not greet the customers by saying “Welcome” when the customers enter the shop. Sometimes, the employees also do not take the customers to the seat but need the customers to check on available place for sit themselves. So, this attitude of employees would let the customers feel unwelcome and undesirable. As the result, customers
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Secret Recipe was famous with their cakes, so customers visit to Secret Recipe most probably to buy their cakes. So, when customers wanted to order their favourable cakes but been told that the cakes out of stock would led customers to feel unhappy and disappointed. Therefore, limited variety and production of cakes would lead to customer’s dissatisfaction.
Finally, the problems faced by Secret Recipe while delivering services is less number of employees. There are only three employees that worked in the shop at Changloon. This means that each employee may have at most two roles while on duty. For examples, employee A need to be both server and cashier at the same time and this would cause the employee A could not take care her job nicely when at the peak time. This had caused decrease of customer’s satisfaction because of the inefficiency of the employee as customers need to wait to be served and wait for paying
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This is because, sometimes the customers want to order some flavour, but the employees will say today they do not provide this types of cake or the cake is finished already. This will increase the feeling of disappointment of the customers towards our service especially Secret Recipe is a restaurant that mainly provide cakes. Hence, Secret Recipe must increase the different flavour of cakes in their restaurant to make sure that it can satisfy the expectation of the customers. Furthermore, Secret Recipe can also consider to provide one special flavour cake each month to attract customers and new prospect.
In conclusion, we can conclude that the service blueprint of Secret Recipe has helped them to have an efficiency daily operation. It has shown all the process how they provide the service and how they handle the face the emergency problems. All of this need the collaboration of employees and professionally server that can give the best service for the
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