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Like the human body, the ideas that will be discussed in this research paper revolve around food. Food is essential for the human body to function, grow, and survive. In addition to these physiological effects, food has developed culturural purposes, such as, for enjoyment, creation, and profit. The food industry in the United States has taken advantage of food’s purposes of enjoyment, creation, and profit. This advantageous behavior is done so in a way, that has altered the make-up of food; which consequently has altered food’s effect on the human body, no longer giving the human body optimal function, growth, and survival. Overall, the food industry and the alterations of food have not only negatively affected the animals and food used in production, but also the minds and physiology of consumers. Food Industry Unless consumers live on a farm, raise their own livestock, and grow their own garden for food, they will most likely be relying on the food industry to supply themselves with food. The food industry is a growing and thriving business; processed food alone is a $1 trillion industry (Filipovic). This is the result of us humans, as the consumers, who have supported these businesses and have led them to where they are today. The food industries supply food for restaurants and markets, where eventually consumers are able to make purchases of the food. Thus, consumers rely on food industries to supply them with food. However, even though consumers rely on food industries, should consumers trust them? Alterations The trust between the food industry and consumers becomes questionable when the food industries alter or modify the make up of food. Alterations occur in foods so they can become tastier, longer lasting, more conven... ... middle of paper ... ...” (Filipovic). She had won the case, but was indebted to legal fees for several years. Federal government has taken its role in trying to control some of the problems that are proven as harmful as well. Conclusion The food industry is a very a powerful business that has made additions, alterations, and modifications to food. These changes in food negatively affect the food and animals used and also the consumers. Food is losing nutrition. Animals are being taken advantage of for the sake of profit. Consumers are being subjected to disease. Change needs to occur, and everyone can take a part in the change. Individuals can protect themselves by becoming more knowledgable and changing their eating habits. Federal government and other powerful agencies and individuals can spread this awareness and also put a halt to the advantageous behavior the food industry is doing

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