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  • services marketing

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    Services Marketing A service is the action of doing something for someone or something. It is largely intangible (i.e. not material). A product is tangible (i.e. material) since you can touch it and own it. A service tends to be an experience that is consumed at the point where it is purchased, and cannot be owned since is quickly perishes. A person could go to a café one day and have excellent service, and then return the next day and have a poor experience. So often marketers talk about the nature

  • The Internet and Its Services

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    The Internet and Its Services Working with Internet does not mean just browsing www and sending and receiving e-mails. The Basic Structure of the Internet was developed through last 30 years of existence of the Internet. The Internet is a heterogeneous worldwide network consisting of a large number of host computers and local area networks. The Internet uses the TCP/IP suite of protocols. This allows the integration of a large number of different computers into one single network with highly

  • Service Satisfaction And Service Quality

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    CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND SERVICE QUALITY IN PORT DICKSON RESORT HOTEL 4.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 4.1 SERVICE QUALITY Service quality is a concept that considered very difficult to define and measure. Quality is defined as conformance to specifications that have the feature set of a product should match the standards predetermined by the management (Holjevac, Markovic & Raspor 2011). Service quality is also a have lot of complex, subjective, abstract concept and elusive. Service also can be measured based

  • service

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    intangibility to the service offered by AirAsia and communication strategies to address problems created by intangibility of services. Services have four characteristics namely The intangibility of services is one of its unique characteristics which makes services different from products. Intangibility refers to the state whereby services do not exist as a physical thing but is still valuable. Intangibility makes it hard for any service providers to manage their quality control as services have no physical

  • Importance Of Exfining Service And Barbaric Service

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    All my life I have had such ravishing service and barbaric service from employs in my life time. These events have occurred anywhere business is handled restaurants, malls, and groceries stores. Workers have showed it all from worst to worst to the greatest service you have ever known. No matter where you are good service is good and bad service is bad when being served, but the customers never seem to be any different no matter what service is provided. Being served can feel so good it happens

  • Service Recovery

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    In providing services to the customers, service recovery is a missing element. The effective service recovery process attracts customers as well as leaves a positive impact on them. Process of service recovery brings customers from their bad feelings and perceptions to the positive edge. Effective service recovery process is a major element in maintaining customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. (John Tschohl) The service recovery means the service provider taking some effective actions or steps to

  • customer service

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    Solving? (1 mark) Problem Solving may be defined as the process of finding strategies that can be used to resolve a particular conflict. 2. Discuss two (2) problem solving strategies that are used by service organization. (9marks) There are two main problem solving strategies that are used by service organization which includes: a) Brainstorming- This strategy encourages people to come up with thoughts and ideas that can be creative and that can also be drafted into solutions for many problems. This

  • Customer Service

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    Customer Service 1) An investigation has taken place into the customer service practices of Sainsbury Supermarket, the investigation will show the following, 2) · It will identify and describe the different types of customers and their needs, · It will identify and analyse the skills required in customer service. · How has sainsbury incorporated consumer protection into its customer service policy. · It will also describe how the organisation uses customer service to meet

  • A Service Encounter

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    INTRODUCTION A service encounter is defined as a moment when a customer interacts with a service or product for the first time. It is the customer’s actual interaction with a service company. It is identified as a key component of the current agenda for service marketers. More than half of the world’s multinational corporations employ in providing services, thus the scrutiny of service encounters is becoming increasingly significant. Research evidence indicates that customers generally compare their

  • Transport Services in Kanpur

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    transport services network throughout the city. These transport service providers cater to needs of business providers within the city of Kanpur and throughout the country. Indraprasth Cargo and Freight Private Limited Located in Kaka Deo in Kanpur, Indraprasth Cargo and Freight Private Limited is a company which primarily deals with coal handling and export-import of textiles. Lately the company has ventured into providing freight services and operates throughout the week. The services of company