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Senior year is the time when students are either studious or negligent in their studies, when they take either advanced or mediocre courses. Although I, a senior, am neither studious nor negligent in my studies, I am enrolled into advance placement and honor classes. One of the AP classes I am currently taking is AP English Language and Composition instructed by Steve Wyrick, and it is unequivocally not elementary. To substantiate my point, Wyrick once had the class work on three concurrent essays, or major papers as he refers to them: Major Paper #2-1, #2-2, and #2-3. Additionally, all three essays had to be no less than two fully typed pages minus their headings. To challenge my fellow peers and me even further, Wyrick currently has us compose what he introduced as the SCTAD: Self-, Course-, and Teacher-Assessment Document. For the SCTAD, I have to evaluate the assignments Wyrick distributed, the classroom processes Wyrick established, the impact Wyrick has on me, and the road I plan to pave out towards an extraordinary life – all within eighteen paragraphs. The monstrosity of the document is only marginally diminished with the additional fact that Wyrick laid out what information must be included in each paragraph. To complement this prodigious essay, the first factor, which is the value of course assignments, should be addressed with the aforementioned major papers. The middle child of the three essays, Major Paper #2-2, accomplished at a minimum of two curricular requirements set forth by the College Board: C3 and C5. Curricular requirement three specifies that “students should be able to write for a variety of purposes,” and the essay achieves that in two parts. One, the essay in itself had a specific purpose I had to accom... ... middle of paper ... ...g the essential tools. I am so far accumulating knowledge that can be used to overcoming the various hurdles I will eventually face. Only after I determine a potential life path will I be capable of actually building my extraordinary life. To figure out that life path, I will attend college next year with classes that can give me glimpses down various roads. Until then, I will just be gathering my tools with the help of Wyrick and my other teachers. With teachers like Wyrick to give me my life tools, I have no doubt I have the potential to achieve an extraordinary life. Even if I fail in my endeavors, Wyrick has left his positive mark on me. Exactly how deep that mark will go, I do not know. What I do know is that the mark will continue to go deeper and deeper as I learn in this impact teacher's presence. Hopefully, the mark will remain rooted inside of me forever.

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