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Dual Enrollment English was the first real college-level class I ever had. I actually have taken other college-level classes before it, but Dual Enrollment English was the only course that gave me an accurate representation of how college will really be like and what it will expect of me. My journey through Dual Enrollment English began with a sense of fear and self-defeat and ended with a sense of satisfaction and confidence with many highs and lows along the way. This portfolio catalogs the evolution of my writing during my two semesters in Dual Enrollment English including seven different types of papers as well as each of their respective drafts and tutor feedback. The First Paper: Narrative Essay The first essay assignment of the class was a simple five-page narrative essay about any moment in my life that left a large impact on me. This…show more content…
Although I am writing this reflection before the paper has been graded or have had much of any feedback on this paper, I still feel quite confident about it for a few reasons. Firstly, the multi-genre paper was the paper where I felt the most creatively free and motivated. Consequently, I actually enjoyed making it, and I had little to no problems with developing content once I chose my topic. Secondly, due to my paper 's very unconventional and innovative repetend method, my teacher thought it was so impressive that she immediately showed my paper to the class as soon as she saw it. The class also responded quite well to my paper. My biggest regret with this paper was that, even though I submitted the assignment early, I did not have enough time to do all of the things I wanted to. For example, if the assignment allowed me another week to work on it, I would have written a song, complete with music and lyrics, for it, among other things. Still, I feel that this paper was a decent return to form for my

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