Rosetta Stone Analysis

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Rosetta Stone was a major factor in Egypt’s way of writing ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The stone was founded by Napoleon’s army in 1799 in the Nile delta. Britain has had the Rosetta Stone for the past 200 years. The British Museum has it as a centerpiece in their Egyptology collection. A man by the name of Zahi Hawass, who is the director of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Cairo, has made it a point to negotiate with academics and curators at the British Museum on getting the stone back. Vivian Davies the man who is in charge of the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum has expressed his sympathy …show more content…

I feel this way because of how much of an importance Rosetta Stone was to the Egyptians. I also see the British’s point of view towards the stone as well. I completely understand how the British see it as a trophy for their victory against the French. I just think that it should stick with the Egyptians due to the fact of how creative they got with the stone. Egypt is well known for its very stylistic art, and to me I feel as if Britain is taking a part of that away from Egypt. I’m sure that when people travel to Egypt they are most excited for all the amazing artwork that Egyptians have done over so many years. It’s sad to know that visitors won’t be able to see all of the artwork because some of it is missing. Sure some people will say “Well I can just go to Britain to see the rest of the artwork.” , but I think it makes a lot more since to view a piece of art in the same country or state it was created in. I think it would make you appreciate that country or state even more as well. So in my opinion I feel that Britain should not have ownership of the Rosetta Stone because it is iconic to Egypt for the way they put it to use. I think it is absolutely amazing how Egyptians deciphered hieroglyphics onto the stone. I have always felt that Egyptians had a phenomenal way of making all of their art. Therefore, I hope that Egypt keeps on fighting for the ownership of the Rosetta Stone and that one day they get to finally reclaim it and finally bring it back

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