Impact On Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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The ancient Egyptian civilization impacted multiple cultures and was influential to others by being the most fascinating and sophisticated old civilization. Egypt lies in the far north -east of the continent of Africa, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea from the north, and the Red Sea to the east, and is separated from the continent of Asia by the Suez Canal. Ancient Egypt contains the oldest civilizations on earth. Ancient Egyptians were able to keep records and pass down their historical achievements over eras. Ancient Egypt set a precedent and inspired other cultures to advance and to become more innovative in several aspects, such as, medicine, and architecture. As mentioned by David Silverman in his book Ancient Egypt, “this land of…show more content…
The Nile River had great influence on Ancient Egyptian culture. The Nile is the longest river in the world, that is located in Africa, was the source of livelihood for the ancient Egyptians as it was used for trade and hunting, as well as, drinking and fishing. It was also used for bathing and other hygiene purposes. It was the source of Ancient Egypt’s wealth, treasures, and the greatest arteries supplied the land with blessings and drown ancient Egyptians in various graces through the ages as the emitter of life in Egypt and the source of its existence, because it watered ancient Egyptian’s lands. The Nile had the greatest impact on timeless civilization that originated on it in the past ages, the Nile held oldest civilization immortalized in history. Ancient Egyptians could not have survived without the Nile River, which in essence, inspired their way of living, “The country’s verdant green fields and bountiful food resources depended on the fertile soil of the Nile flood plain” (Silverman 12). In turn, many ancient…show more content…
Until today, architects and artists, draw inspiration and understanding from Ancient Egyptian art and architecture as they mastered it. The pyramids are masterpieces that bring wonders to other civilizations; they are marvel of human engineering and constructions. Also, the modern world has benefited greatly from the agricultural and irrigation techniques used by ancient Egyptians in the Nile Valley. Their success of their civilization depended heavily on their religious beliefs as it is what dominated and directed their lifestyle. To conclude, Ancient Egypt left an extraordinary imprint on the world today and many countries across the world value and houses their artifacts. The civilization of the ancient Egyptians was not civilized slip at the age of time. Ancient Egyptians civilization was a unique cultural characteristics and achievements that were authenticity. Ancient Egypt civilization has its own credibility among all civilizations, making Egypt the Mother of the World. Ancient Egypt originated in the valley, and the Nile Delta, where ancient Egyptians lived. Ancient Egypt’s cultural aspect refers to the language, worship, customs, organization to their lives, the life management, administrative affairs, their conception of the nature around them, and their dealings with their
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