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The Stonehenge at Salisbury Plains has been shrouded in mystery even before the time of Christ, but the truth of the matter is that nobody truly knows how this monument came to be. The origins of this monument range from logical theories to totally far fetched science fiction and middle age theories. This site has been around for over 4 millennia, but before the stones were even erected or on British land, it was used as a burial site. Then comes the weird theories, like Merlin from the King Arthur tales using his powers to move all of the stones into their formation or extraterrestrials coming down from outer space and giving knowledge to the ancient people in the area. Aside from these theories that lack any form of logical reasoning, the most widely accepted theory is that the monument was created as a religious shrine for the Druids of the area.
The Stonehenge is not shrouded in mystery just because they are huge stones weighing multiple tons in a circular formation, but that nobody truly knows when the formation came to be. Many archaeologists have opposing views on who created this monument, like Edomond Bolton credits it to the Celtic Queen Boudicca, which would make sense by the cremated remains found at the site. One of the most widely accepted ideas though is that the Druids of the time resurrected Stonehenge. Inigo Jones first said that Stonehenge was not the works of the Druids, but John Aubrey contradicted this by saying otherwise (“Stonehenge and the Druids”). Aubrey’s opposing views were recorded in his book “Monumenta Brittanica” where he calls Stonehenge a “Templa Druidum” (“Earth Mysteries: John Aubrey”). Many other people took up Aubrey’s conclusions to the creator of Stonehenge, like William Stukeley, but an...

... middle of paper ... them build Stonehenge as well as other mysterious architectural pieces of the time (“Solving the Riddle of Stonehenge’s Construction”).
Although people may never know the true origins of Stonehenge, the main reason that it is so popular is because of the mystery surrounding it. A UFO landing site? A memorial brought forth by sorcery? This famous landmark has gained tremendous fame over thousands of years by the lack of knowledge we have of it. The most sensible theories like the Druids building it for religious ceremonies or as a burial site have taken the attention away from the more far fetched ones. This is why Stonehenge is a truly fascinating subject, because it has not been truly decoded. Aldous Huxley gives a perfect parallel to the mystery of Stonehenge, “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that stonehenge at salisbury plains has been shrouded in mystery even before christ, but nobody truly knows how it came to be.
  • Explains that many archaeologists have opposing views on who created stonehenge, like edomond bolton credits it to the celtic queen boudicca.
  • Opines that the mystery surrounding stonehenge keeps archaeologists going even though they may never discover the sources of the remains.
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