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Residential construction is a job that some people choose because they like to work outside and see a completed product. It is good to know what the training and skills are, what personal qualities are required, what safety concerns there are, what the career outlook is, and what salary can be expected.
To become a construction worker requires less than a high school diploma. Even though it does not require a high school diploma, it is important to have experience in these classes: building trades and carpentry, English, industrial arts, shop math, and woodshop. Construction workers gain skills on the job most start as laborers and move into more specialized roles as they gain skills ("Occupation Profile.").
Balance, depth-perception and eye-hand coordination are all critical to keep steady on high beams and fingers clear of chop saws. Also strength and endurance is needed to keep up and pull weight (and then some) day after day. The people who want to work as a construction laborer have to make sure they are physically up to the task before signing up ("Construction Worker Job Descriptions.").
Being a residential construction worker requires the ability to lift heavy objects, walk and stand for long periods of time and perform strenuous physical labor under adverse field conditions. It requires the ability to communicate orally and in writing. It also requires the ability to use equipment and tools properly and safely. In addition, it requires the ability to understand, follow and transmit written and oral instructions. Finally, it requires the ability to meet attendance schedules with dependability and consistency ("Construction Laborer.").
Construction laborers assist skilled workers by unloading materials, machinery a...

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...” ("Occupation Profile.").
Earnings depend on the geographic location of the employer, the type of work performed and unionization. The lowest ten percent earned less than $19,970, and the highest ten percent earned more than $59,095. Earnings of construction laborers can be reduced by poor weather or by downturns in construction activity, which sometimes result in layoffs. Apprentices usually start at about thirty percent to sixty percent of the wage paid to experienced workers.

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Residential construction laborers must have a certain level of education in order to understand and write the instructions that are given. Unloading and caring material requires for a laborer to be strong fit as he will be standing and walking from place to place, that also requires steel toe boots to protect the workers feet from nails, splinters and from falling objects.

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