Construction Manager: An Essay On Construction Management

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Construction management Cristian M. Gonzalez Griffin High School


This paper explores what it takes to be a construction manager and the responsibilities of being a construction manager and the skills that a construction manager should have. It also explores what good construction managers do to have success on their construction projects and the steps that a construction manager must follow to end a project and meet their deadlines at the same …show more content…

Work schedules Almost every construction manager have different work schedules because they have deadlines they need to meet.Construction workers have to cantaly change their work schedules. Many Construction Manager have to work for twenty four hours a day if they are behind in work so they need to put more time to meet the deadline.

Job outlook According to the bureau of labor (2016)” employment in construction management is suppose to grow five percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as an average

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