Examples Of Career Goals In Healthcare Administration

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Healthcare Administration is an occupation where one would plan, direct, or coordinate medical and health services. These tasks take place in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health agencies, or similar organizations. This occupation works more with documents, with little patient interaction. You do not commonly become certified to draw blood, and one does not require an internship for this career. This occupation does require a background check. Many careers require specific types of certification. Healthcare Administration requires an LNHA (Licensed Nursing Home Administrator). Challenges for this field depend upon the workplace in which one is working. There are many educational requirements for this field. Credentials include, human resources in healthcare administration, leadership and ethics in healthcare…show more content…
I don’t have one career goal; I have multiple career goals, because everything is a goal towards a greater goal. One needs to accomplish little things to achieve something bigger. When it comes to career goals I would like to be able to accomplish everything needed to be successful. With schooling I need to try hard and pass all my courses and receive all my credits in order to graduate. I also need to be able to pass my final exams. A major goal is graduation. Graduation is the main point to all of this. After I graduate my goal is to find a job in North Carolina at a hospital or clinic. There are many job settings for Healthcare administration, but in a hospital is my main goal. I wouldn’t mind working another setting, but a hospital is what I am shooting towards. Once I achieve this goal, I know I will what to bump my education up and try for my master’s degree. Since I found out I can further my education I knew that one day I eventually will further myself and those are my career goals. I know Kaplan has a great process in helping me achieve my career