Decision Making In The Blind Side

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Introduction Life is all about decisions and choices. Most successful people in the world base their lives on wise and critical decisions which determine the path of their lives. A single decision no matter how petty it may appear may be the reason for life course change. “The blind side” is an American based movie which features a controversy about sports where Michael as the main character has to pick a side between family and sports. The purpose of writing this essay is to evaluate decisions making in “the blind side” in comparison to real life personal experience. The blind side Michael is a seventeen-year-old young man who has undergone a tough life; he is a football player who has an athletic body which makes him a perfect and offensive lineman. Granger, a NCAA officer, tried to …show more content…

It was a long process since I was scared of making a wrong decision which would have been the reason for a probable failure. It first involved research about the career path to ensure that I knew all I needed to know what is involved and the diversity of the places which one could get a decent employment. Consultation then followed and finally consideration of my age body fitness, health hobbies and many other smaller factors. The advantage of taking decision-making serious is that I had a chance to know all I needed about the career and have a broader view of the benefits and the risks associated with the career path. Conclusion Life decisions are at times hard to make, but we have to choose to define the path which we want our lives to follow. As we have seen in the paper, Michael’s situation where he had to seek more information from her guardian Anne and her maternal mother before making his decision is a good example of rational decision-making procedure. It gives us a lesson that we should take our time to think about the decisions we make in life. In my case, it’s a good example of a decision well

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