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  • Importance Of Construction In Construction

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    As we realize that Construction is the way toward developing a building or framework. Construction is a general term meaning the art and science to form objects, systems, or organizations and comes from Latin constructionem (from com- "together" and struere "to pile up") and Old French construction. Construction differs from manufacturing in that manufacturing typically involves mass production of similar items without designated purchaser, while construction typically takes place on location for

  • Importance Of Construction In Construction

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    activities: The construction engineer should identify every activity of the project in a successive order. Every activity should be planned in a timeline for pursuing of construction project. 2. Construction Techniques: Make Plans that can be adopted for different construction activities according to the site condition and planning for tools and challenges for each activity so that they can be made available whenever needed. 3. Planning for Construction Equipment: Cost of a construction varies with the

  • Construction Industry In Construction Industry

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    Introduction As we realize that Construction is the way toward developing a building or framework. Construction is a general term meaning the art and science to form objects, systems, or organizations and comes from Latin constructionem (from com- "together" and struere "to pile up") and Old French construction. Construction differs from manufacturing in that manufacturing typically involves mass production of similar items without designated purchaser, while construction typically takes place on location

  • Importance Of Construction Industry In Construction

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    Construction industry has been contributing Hong Kong’s development for long times. It is one of the pillars which is important for supporting Hong Kong to be a better place. There are many large-scaled construction works over history including residential estates, commercial buildings, public utilities and transportation networks. Construction industry can be classified into two sectors: public sector which is mainly the government itself or appointed by government such as Hong Kong Housing Authority

  • Construction Manager: An Essay On Construction Management

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    Running head: CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Construction management Cristian M. Gonzalez Griffin High School CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Abstract This paper explores what it takes to be a construction manager and the responsibilities of being a construction manager and the skills

  • construction

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    Construction is a great hard working hands on job. Construction workers make everyday life better and easier for people around the world they make roads for traveling buildings for people to live in and much more. The work of a construction worker is always exciting there is always different jobs to take so different bosses and different people to meet. Construction is not just an outside job like everybody thinks there are also a lot of jobs that are worked inside and there are also jobs where they

  • The Complications Of Construction Procurement In The Construction Process

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    to Oxford Dictionary, the word ‘procure’ means to obtain, to secure, and to acquire or to being about. Meanwhile, the construction procurement means act of forming, building or fitting parts together. Turner (1990) in his book described procure as to obtain or to acquire. The word ‘procurement’ is well-defined as the act of obtaining, acquiring or securing. Meanwhile, construction is described as the business or work of building houses, offices, factories and including civil works such as bridges

  • Building Construction

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    In building construction and in fire prevention there are organizations that have created a useful system on how to determine what type of building falls under which category. The ICC (International Code Council) and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) create these building codes for the safety of firefighters. The two most commonly known standards for building classifications are the NFPA 5000 and also the International Building Code (IBC). The two are very similar, however, they different

  • Basement Construction: Types Of Basement Construction

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    Basement construction Types of Basements The type of basement I have chosen for this design is an in ground basement because I think it is best suited and will create so much room underneath the building. The ground that the two storey basement building is located on is water logged so the foundations will have to be able to take the whole weight of the building without any future movement from the soil, so I have decided to use secant piles because I think they are the most suitable for this type

  • The Construction Industry

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    INTRODUCTION The construction industry like many other industries has changed and evolved with time. It is the fourth largest contributor to Australia’s GDP and has played a major role in determining economic growth of the country. In terms of employment, the industry has employed 9% of the Australian workforce making it the fourth largest industry (ABS data). The industry caters to both the public and private sectors. The type of construction can broadly be classified into three categories; residential

  • The History of Construction

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    Construction is a trillion dollar enterprise that has been vital to the expansion of civilization over the course of history; starting with the ancient Egyptian’s great and luxurious pyramids made of limestone, up unto the modern day mammoth skyscrapers around the world today; Most of these innovations incorporate three elements: Lumber, steel, and cement; Knowing how to work and maneuver these elements into a construction venture, in a safe and resourceful way, is a monetarily beneficial asset.

  • Principles of Construction

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    Principles of Construction Incomplete Work 1) FLUE - The flue is the void or passageway through which the products of combustion are removed from the fire to the outside. 2) CHIMNEY - A chimney is the structure surrounding one or more separate flues. 3) FLUE PIPE - A flue pipe is a single skin metal pipe used to connect a fire or appliance to a chimney. 4) FLUE LINER - The flue liner is the material used to form the flue within the chimney. Flue liners can be of fire clay

  • The Construction Model: Building Information Model In Construction

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    QUANTITY TAKE-OFF IN CONSTRUCTION Quantity takeoff is an essential task in the construction process as it provides the basis for other construction tasks that follows. The building elements are measured and these quantities are then used to estimate the cost and the relevant workload involved. This information is then assembled in a Bill of Quantities (BQ). The BQ structures and organizes the information about measurements, productivities and costs, according to the construction task and considers

  • Construction Site Safety: The Importance Of Construction Site Safety

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    Construction is one of the most dangerous works during this era. The advanced technologies are to be utilized in the construction work but still it is not really safe work. Many of the human beings are now involved in the construction work. It is one of the most typical working fields. Most of the persons who have lack of knowledge, degree and skills join the construction teams in order to earn living. It is said that most of the workers related to the construction industry are not really well educated

  • Type 3 Construction

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    Type III Construction Type III construction is also known as Ordinary or Masonry construction. Type III construction is the most common construction type in urban areas. Masonry is one of the oldest and simplest building materials; its use dates back thousands of years (IFSTA, 2016, p. 217) Ordinary construction consists of masonry exterior load-bearing walls that are of noncombustible construction. Interior framing, floors, and roofs are made of wood or other combustible materials. (Christopher

  • Essay On Construction Management

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    ASSIGNMENT 1 – REFLECTION ON PROFESSIONAL ROLES THROUGH CASE STUDIES Section 1: Overview of roles possible for Construction Management graduates Construction Management graduates are left with a diverse range of opportunities which they may endeavour. These include the following:  Construction Project Managers: In control of the entire process of the construction of building projects on the construction site (Training WA career centre, 2011)  Estimators: Compare quotes and break down the entire project

  • The Impact of Construction on the Environment

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    The Impact of Construction on the Environment Introduction The construction industry impacts on the environment in a number of ways, both directly and indirectly. The assignment will cover a number of issues that are associated with the construction projects and will identify a number of environmental components that require protection. We will look at problems on a national and international scale. Identifying the need for global co-operation in the protection of our planet. This is of utmost

  • Building Construction Essay

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    Construction in general words means building something and building construction means the process of building any framework. The history of construction is as old as man kind. It started from construction of shelter to now a days greatest engineering achievments like Millau Viaduct France, Burj Khalifa Dubai. Some structures built over the years are considered as wonders of world like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Taj Mahal India. The history of construction is a very complex subject regarding to the

  • XYZ Construction Inc

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    This assignment requires the development of a marketing flyer plan for which outlines the key offerings at XYZ Construction INC. This flyer will be habituated to edify potential customers on the accommodations offered by the firm. A marketing plan can be simple; it just has to be consistent (Schulaka, 2011). XYZ Construction Inc. performs horizontal construction work, including roads, airfields, and bridges. The company’s headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, and has 16 field offices in 11 states

  • Cost Estimating In Construction

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    This chapter provides a review on the existing literature regarding uncertainty in cost estimating in construction. There is an examination of the definitions of terms, and a review surrounding the practice and forms of cost estimating. The review will also analyse the factors effecting cost uncertainty and its relative importance to construction projects before focusing on design information as a major proponent of the inherent uncertainty in estimating. Key points have been identified within the