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    1.Introduction In the first of May , 2014 we level 1 s2b3 students of the civil engineering program , Caledonian College of Engineering organized a site visit to a building which is still under construction located at West of Muscat city (AL Seeb – AL Hail) which is known as ( The wave Muscat) , it takes about twenty (20) kms of land . The Wave project uses about 2.5 million square meters of land which involves 600,000 square meters of the reclamation. In addition, the project takes along

  • The Construction Industry

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    likewise in construction industry, which is a vital sector among the economy of modern societies. Construction sector consists a variety of specialised skilled and professionals as well as technological complexity, ranging from materials to equipments and facilities. This sector mainly can be divided into three main sub-sectors, namely building construction, heavy & civil engineering and construction- service. Building construction works mainly includes trade works, and construction services refer

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    In building construction and in fire prevention there are organizations that have created a useful system on how to determine what type of building falls under which category. The ICC (International Code Council) and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) create these building codes for the safety of firefighters. The two most commonly known standards for building classifications are the NFPA 5000 and also the International Building Code (IBC). The two are very similar, however, they different

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    Construction industry has long been criticized for its poor performance. After major reports such as Latham (1994) and Egan (1998), major studies are carried out in different procurement routes, management system and technique and construction method. Beyond these, it has been suggested, that ‘softer’ factors such as organisational culture also have a significant impact on performance (Nicolini, 2002). The concept of organisation culture is a popular part of general management since early 1980s

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    Construction in general words means building something and building construction means the process of building any framework. The history of construction is as old as man kind. It started from construction of shelter to now a days greatest engineering achievments like Millau Viaduct France, Burj Khalifa Dubai. Some structures built over the years are considered as wonders of world like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Taj Mahal India. The history of construction is a very complex subject regarding to the

  • Construction Manager: An Essay On Construction Management

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    Running head: CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Construction management Cristian M. Gonzalez Griffin High School CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Abstract This paper explores what it takes to be a construction manager and the responsibilities of being a construction manager and the skills

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    Construction is a great hard working hands on job. Construction workers make everyday life better and easier for people around the world they make roads for traveling buildings for people to live in and much more. The work of a construction worker is always exciting there is always different jobs to take so different bosses and different people to meet. Construction is not just an outside job like everybody thinks there are also a lot of jobs that are worked inside and there are also jobs where they

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    ABSTRACT “SIMULATION OF CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITES USING PROCESS SIMULATION SOFTWARE FOR EFFICIENCY IN COST, DURATION AND PRODUCTIVITY” A construction project involves numerous complex construction activities, which are influenced by uncertainties. A considerable number of activities cannot be experimented before the actual project because they would cost a noteworthy amount of time and money. These construction activities can be analyzed using simulation software packages. There are various simulation

  • Construction Management In The Construction Industry In Malaysia

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    INTRODUCTION Nowdays, the construction sector in Malaysia is one of the very important and can contribute to the country's economic rise. Various employment opportunities available to the parties involved in the construction -based business can also help economic growth. In the next 30 years, the construction industry in Malaysia will continue to increase due to the increasing demand for transport, education, housing, water supply and others. This is assumed by the Construction Industry Board Malaysia

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    necessarily be accepting in regards to new construction projects. Furthermore, current area residents may also tend to become defensive if they suspect that the new construction project might conflict with their typical way of living. Since, it is only natural that current residents may be skeptical in regards to how the building project will ultimately affect their usual daily functions. Nevertheless, the building project will consist of the construction of a high-rise residential apartment building