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A Controversial President in the United States History

1767, a boy was born to a civilian family in the Waxhaws, he was the third child in his family, and his name is Andrew Jackson. Jackson’s parents never dared to think that he might one day become the President of the United States. However, Andrew Jackson was a person who was considered fearless and that fearlessness helped him to became a president. Jackson was the first civilian president, which was a typical example of living the American Dream of you could became anything in America. Andrew Jackson grew up through many wars, his father died before his birth,
And his mother died when he was only fourteen years old. As an orphan, “be tough” is the most important listen that Jackson
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In 1830, he signed the Indian Removal Act, allowing the United States government to forcefully remove the Native Americans. The Cherokee nation, which had helped Jackson win the battle during the War of 1812, tried to defy the federal removal policy. The Cherokee won the federal cases “Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (1831) and the “Worcester v. Georgia” (1832). However, president Jackson did not care, he refused to enforce the Court’s decision. Jackson's adamant responded, “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it”, a New York newspaper editor reported. Because of President Jackson’s tough attitude towards the native Americans and refusing to enforce the courts’ ruling, 17,000 Cherokees were forced move west which became known as the Trail of Tears. In A.J. Langguth’s article “Why the U.S apologized to the Cherokees”, Author wrote “Northern missionaries who shared the ordeal testified to families wrested from their homes so suddenly that they had nothing to protect them against the freezing winter rains. Pneumonia and exhaustion carried off the old and the very young. Although estimates vary about how many did not survive, wagon trains stopped every day for rough burials along the roadside” (n.pag.). Despite the Indian Removal Act had it positive meaning, the positive meaning of expansion of The United States land and future growth, Indian removal policy still was way to cruel and inhumane, the Indians were slaughtered and abused. President Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act which was full of disgrace and selfishness, he did not treat Indians as equal human

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