Andrew Jackson Dbq Essay

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Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of America who had a very unique time in office. Jackson advertised as being for the people of the United States but then his actions proved otherwise at later times. While Jackson did things for the people, he was as much of an autocrat as he was a democrat based upon the documents that were formed during his time in office.
At first, Andrew Jackson started off as a democrat, serving the people with his actions. For instance, in the document Indian Removal Document three, Jackson appeals to the indians and congress. He told them that the indians needed somewhere to go in an eloquent manner. To congress, it sounded like he was being morale for the indians, but in reality, he was still forcing the indians off their lands. Guarenting land for the indians is not as fair as letting them stay on their current ground and already beings to show his inner autocratic side. …show more content…

These acts even gave a hint at him being an autocrat as aforementioned. When the National Bank Controversy Document one came out, it began to show how he was not a democrat. In this document, he was pictured as being a king which was considered tranny for the newly formed America. In it, he is wielding his veto powers in one hand and has ripped up documents on the floor. He as described as “born to command”. If Jackson was truly a democrat, he would be serving the people and being shown as having more power than them instead of being shown as a tyrant. Since he is being represented in this way, he is obviously not communicating to all of his people and looking out for their best

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