The Controversy of Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson was a controversial man. He was greatly admired by many, but despised by others. Andrew Jackson was raised by his father and also lived along with his brother. His mother died shortly after giving birth. He grew up poor and right in the mist of the American Revolution. He fought in the Revolutionary War at thirteen years of age. He went on to become a lawyer and then moved to Tennessee where in met his wife. Later in life he became a delegate or the Tennessee Constitutional Convention, then a United States representative, followed by serving as a Tennessee senator. He later became a judge of Tennessee superior court. He then became a major general for Tennessee militia where he wins over many of the colonist at the victory of the New Orleans war. He becomes a great conqueror in the eyes of Americans people. However, high class people do not appreciate his unruly attitudes. Then it all comes down to the presidency. How he received the honor, what he did with it, and what people thought about his actions. There are three reasons that Andrew Jackson won presidency. After the corrupt bargain where Adams and Jackson tied in popular vote, Clay became the factor for who would receive the honor of United States president. Adams promised Clay that if he voted for him than Adams would grant Clay the position of secretary of state, a position that usually the person holding will become president the following term. Americans did not trust Clay and Adams. To top it off, previous presidential elections did not concern the public. First, because you had to be a white man who owned property to vote, and two, the people knew that all the candidates for president usually had the same morals, background, and standards. Therefore, t... ... middle of paper ... ...ated, moral man. They voted for him, because he was one of them and stood behind them. I believe that Andrew Jackson was not a great person, but he was an outstanding president. Andrew Jackson accomplished many things in his life time. He was looked up upon as a great militaristic man and a wonderful president. American’s loved him. He was skilled and wise. Andrew Jackson is one of the greatest in United States’ history. Works Cited “Andrew Jackson 1767-1845 A brief biography The 1828 Presidential Election,” American History from revolution to reconstruction and beyond.,2012: “Andrew Jackson: good, evil, and the presidency,” Red Hill Productions and Community Television of Southern California. 2007:
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