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By words, a nation is forged. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” –Thomas Jefferson. In essence, words shape its vision, values, and destiny. Individuals are stimulated by words and phrases – “be courageous,” “hold fast and be strong.” The word “character” defines a person with an attribute by which they’re made. Words are a force that shaped existence – reality is valued by the phrase, “pursue to growth and learning.” Since a boy, I enjoy the fulfillment that comes from discovery learning. My story is found interwoven with the ability “pursue growth and learning” – the curiosity led me into the God’s truth. Stages in life prove me to be a student, schooled by life and transformed by God’s Truth. March…show more content…
Contemplating in my college dorm and found myself asking a question: “what would the world look like if we all obey God’s commandments? If we all refrain from sexual immorality, there will not be HIV, AIDS, and Chlamydia.” Sexually transmitted disease was a big problem on most college campuses and mine was no different. Almost everyone had given themselves sexual immorality, including me. But, I should have known better, I had a better upbringing than most people at school, but I allowed myself to be influenced – compromising the values I was brought up with. I truly believed that question triggers something in my mind. I started going to Sunday church more often and began to study the Bible. I would post questions to Dad, but he seems to never have an answer that convicts nor satisfies me. I once asked him, “How do we know that we will go to Heaven if we obeyed God? He told me “we don’t know for sure”. His answer upsets me so much that I asked, “Why obey God at all. Why would Paul say, ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith…’ make no sense.” We would go back and forth until frustrated, we parted. It pushed me further away from God and the Bible into the wayward lifestyle and deepen my wounds. I use to say, “life was not worth living” and “why was born into this useless life.” But I could stop myself from searching. My attention was now turned to the end-time event with the thought, “If…show more content…
How they were sincere, full of zeal for God even though they did not know the Truth. They were diligent to instill godly values in me. Coming into God’s Truth and being among God’s people only ignite the fire to live by the standard which is worthy of Christian. The strong values Mom possesses on womanhood and how men should treat her, I found to be biblical but it only came alive after meeting a young lady in the Living Church of God, to her credit was a great example that I know Mom would be proud of – we became good friends. We often go to rock climbing together and exploit our strengths and weaknesses. Learning how she was able to be firm with her value system in an age pressured feminist to be equal to men. I use compromised with the values I was brought up with because I did not see women living according to those principles. I use to think Mom’s Era was long gone; women who embrace being a homemaker, who understood the important of the role of man had gone extinct. Thank God I was proven wrong. My faith in biblical values grew stronger see Rachael Tlumak (now Heykoop) example of what my mother had been trying to teach me all along. Just last year, Rachael wedded a man deserving of her. She forever will be an example to me of uncompromised values. Learning from the examples of brethren in the Church gave a new perspective on how I can also overcome my compromising life and be strong on my

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