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When I scheduled the class Persuasive Communications, I had no particular interest in the subject matter; I just needed to finish the general education requirement for a second writing course. It fit my schedule and sounded reasonably interesting, but I did not think I would gain much from it. It was a general education class after all, and would not be very high on my priority list. Now that the semester is almost over and the class work is complete (albeit after this paper), I feel as if I gained a lot from this class. The class’s main objective was to expand our skills as writers, but it served in teaching us many other things that hold value in our education and future careers. First and foremost, this class was meant to help us further develop our ability as writers. Writing is a very important skill to have, not only in college, but throughout your life. Most colleges and universities are aware of this, and The Ohio State University is no different. Every student, no matter their major, are required to take English as a first writing course and then select from a number of options for a second writing course. By not completing these two writing courses, a student is not able to graduate. When I had to choose which second writing course I would take, I was not overly concerned with what the course material was going to be. I narrowed down the choices based on what fit my schedule and then chose Persuasive Communications as it did not sound terrible. I was right, it was not horrible. It actually turned out to be a pretty enjoyable class. It succeeded it its primary mission, as I feel my writing skills are better now. In terms of writing, this class was valuable due to its variability. The assignments were all related, in ter... ... middle of paper ... sometimes, but we all got along pretty well which made working together easy. Persuasive Communications allowed me to grow as a writer, a speaker, and student. It turned out to be a great option for the second writing course required by the university. I have never cared much for public speaking as I tend to get nervous regardless of how prepared I am. In the town hall speech I tried my best to overcome this and believe I did a good job. My only regret is that I did not appreciate the material of the class until about halfway through the semester. I allowed myself to get consumed in my chemistry and kinesiology courses and placed my other courses lower on my priority list. Due to this, I will be getting a B+ or A- in the class when I should have gotten an A (you can still give me an A if you want ). Overall, I enjoyed this class and will recommend it to others.
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