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My views on whether people are born good, evil, or neutral have not changed. I still believe that there is continuum that ranges from good to evil with neutral in the center. I think most people fall somewhere in the middle of this continuum though there may be some genetic traits that predispose them one way or the other slightly. For most people what causes us to fall into either the good or evil ranges are specific moments in time and the actions or behaviors we choose. Most people are neither fully good nor fully evil, but in a given situation can be either. However, I believe that good or evil actions can be reinforced for individuals, making the person more likely to act or behave in a similar manner again even if it is against the individual’s core beliefs about himself or herself. While I still feel that the outcome is ultimately within the client’s control, I feel the therapist has a slightly stronger responsibility than I originally had thought depending on the therapeutic approach the therapist uses. Many of the psychotherapies we discussed were more directive than I had realized. Despite this, the client has to want things to change and be willing to put in effort. A therapist cannot force change in a client. A directive therapist could point out that…show more content…
I still feel as though they can create a cycle that is either negative or positive. And that thoughts can lead to feelings which can lead to behaviors. However, previously I stated that I felt all were equally important. Now, I believe that thoughts are a little more important than the behaviors or feelings. Changing negative thought patterns is key to changing negative feelings and behaviors. You can affect change from any of the three angles, but I believe that changing negative thought patterns through cognitive-based therapy is the most effective at breaking a negative thought-feeling-behavior

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