Reducing Sex Segregation at Work and Home

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Reducing Sex Segregation at Work and Home

Paula England in her article "Work for Pay and Work at Home: Women's Double Disadvantage" treats women's lives in our society. She presents us a double disadvantage in women's lives: disadvantage at work and disadvantage at home. A sex segregation exists. Almost all jobs are filled by one of the sexes. Because of socialization and employer's discrimination there is a gap in earnings between men and women. Also at home women do the bulk of child rearing and other work. Compared to 40 years ago the men have increased their contributions at home. Also sex segregation and the pay gap are reduced, but they still exist.

However, because roles are changing the truth is in most families people are now negotiating about the work at home. According to David Molpus, studies show that especially among two-job couples there is an agreement about equal sharing at home when the man and the woman both work full time. Mothers and fathers find different ways to contribute to childcare and other household work. They like equal parenting and don't want to leave their children in the hands of strangers. Equal sharing at home gives the fathers opportunity to stay more with their children and to know more about their lives. To do so, working-class couples try alternating their work shifts, and middle-class couples try working at home for one or two days. They both share enjoyment and the sacrifices of their family.

I like and support the changes that are taking place now in our society. Equal sharing in both child rearing and domestic work is the best thing couples can do in their family. Children at home are such a joy and happiness. They need both the mother and the father to take care of them. I think the parents should have the same feelings. It is so important for fathers to spend more time with their children, to know what they like and dislike. This way they will enjoy their kids and their love. It is a sacrifice for some parents to work different shifts, but sacrifices also keep the family close. When you go home tired from work, their hugging and kissing is such a joy and rest for you. Smiles in their faces are love and life. Fathers that share child rearing have more love in their family.

Also equal sharing in other domestic work like cooking and cleaning, fixing things and paying bills or shopping is important for family.
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