Sheryl Sandberg: The Feminist Movements

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The feminist movement raises political campaigns for the rectification of rights that should be permitted to women in the public, workplace and most importantly in one’s home. Women’s movement turn out to be a significant role as time advanced, diminutive ideas were anticipated at first, minor alterations occur but not much was being done for the privileges of a woman therefore making the women’s movement more hostile. It can be proposed that women are far too emotional to have equal rights as men due to the hormones that occur while a woman is pregnant or on her menstrual cycle, although the women’s movement has been more beneficial than crucial. Women have helped enhance the economy drastically, improve the family time in homes, as well as…show more content…
She mentions how you should not put off a lot of time just because one’s children are young. Be a good role model for a daughter or even a son, let them know they can do it; they can be successful regardless of their gender. In this book, Sandberg describes non-fictional struggles for a woman in the workplace. She uses real life experiences to portray the image and information she wants to be known. Women have been fighting for decades to get equal treatment in the workplace and they still aren’t equal, they still struggle although it is not as much as…show more content…
In older times, many women had to leave their job due to newly motherhood and having to care for their child, but that number has dropped significantly. An argument has been raised that women have to be in charge of their home due to a man’s unwillingness to take over parenting responsibilities. That is quite beneficial to the women’s rights movement for the reason father’s helping a lot more time with children, building a stronger family relationship. Women have been subjected to fit into a certain image to suit society eyes for a long time, one of the main images being a stay at home mom nut they a capable of so much more. Females have more of a broader range of abilities than men do regardless of widespread idea that they are incapable of doing most activities.
Women have been an important role in society whether or not it is not remarked to the public eye. Oppression against women is never-ending along with violent acts constantly being pursued on them for over a century which is not only crucial but it is lessening their value worldwide. The suggestion of women’s emotions being a barrier for them to be equal to men is falsified, there is not one predicament that prevent a woman from being equal than a

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