DNA And DNA Fingerprinting

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DNA tells us who we are and what we are and tell us what everything around us are too. The world can't be known if we do not understand what DNA is. DNA is the building life in the living system. Without DNA we would not be able to tell what apart from what. People been trying to find out what DNA look likes for years. It takes people like Freidrich Miescher, Watson, Crick, and many more to find out and put the pieces together on what DNA look like. DNA was able to change court decisions on old cases were they did not have the technologies to find DNA samples as we do today. DNA helps with crime investigation and DNA fingerprinting is the way to go to find better evidences. Many people build the road of to the DNA structure that it is known today as. Around 1868, Freidrich Miescher isolated something no one have ever seen before from the nuclei of cells during this time. He called the compound "nuclein," which is in today it called nucleic acid. Two years before this a Czech monk Gregor Mendel, was experimenting with peas and was able to show that certain traits within the peas, such as size or color, were inherited in different packages. Today these packages are now called genes. By the late 1940s , the people who were in the scientific community were aware that DNA was most likely the molecule of life. The scientific community knew that DNA have four bases which are adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine, but one thing they didn't know is what the DNA structure look like. Then come in Sosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins, who were using X-ray to find out and understand the physical structure of the DNA molecule. In 1949, Ervin Chargoff, showed that each organisms have different amounts of DNA, but the amount of adeni... ... middle of paper ... ...eople did not have the technology to find people DNA to see if they did it or not. After 27 years of him being in jail that they did a DNA test and found out he was not the murderer and was free to go. In November 28, 1994, Lynn DeJac was found guilty of strangling her daughter during a night of drinking. She was later be free because new DNA evidence reveal that it was not her that kill her 13 year old daughter, but Dejac's former boyfriend, Dennis P. Donahue. She was one of the first person in the nation to have her conviction for murder overturned based on DNA evidence. DNA and crime investigations has come hand to hand on this one. If it was not for DNA crime investigation would be a lot harder because you would not be able to tell if someone actually did the crime or not. Also DNA is what we are today. It last for generation and give us Intel on who we are.

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