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After the Civil War the Reconstruction Era occurred in the southern United States. The Reconstruction Era deeply impacted the south in a negative way for minority. African American were unjustly treated by the white Americans, their rights were limited and or taken away. As a result, they fought hard to obtain equal treatment as citizens. Blacks tried to fight segregation in many ways like at the ballot boxes, in the courtrooms, and through organizations like the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People. Beginning in 1873, a series of Supreme Court decisions limited the scope of Reconstruction-era laws and federal support for the Reconstruction Amendments, particularly the 14th and 15th, which gave African Americans the status …show more content…

Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina became Democratic once again, effectively marking the end of the Reconstruction Era. Later, the Jim Crow Laws had been inducted. The Jim Crow Laws were state laws that enforced segregation in the south which did not provide the African Americans the same rights as the Caucasians. Activist like W.E.B. Dubois fought for civil rights and implemented strategies for higher education for all black Americans. Booker T. Washington, was another activist who also provided industrial education to African Americans. In my opinion, The Flaggs Groves School is most effective institution to counteract the Jim …show more content…

It ushered in a way of independence, flushed out the old slavery lifestyle/mentality, and made the African Americans feel less submissive to the Anglo-Saxons race. Another way the Jim Crow Laws made its impact was by limiting public transportation which in turn affected job opportunities for African Americans. For instance, the percentage African American workers was very high and each individual worked very hard for a very low wages. But unfortunately there was still some blacks that did not work due to the limited occupations for blacks in the south. Lastly, the Jim Crow Laws dictated African Americans public life by making it illegal to use the same restrooms, dine in the same eating establishments, and shop in the same stores. For example, black people had to use black only restrooms in public places, if they did not they would be punished, blacks could only eat in certain restaurants, and when shopping blacks had to go to the back of the stores to try on

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  • Opines that the reconstruction era impacted the south in a negative way for minority. the flaggs groves school counteracted the jim crow laws.
  • Explains that jim crow laws were a result of fear and greed by the white americans in the south.
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