Reconstruction Dbq

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The North’s neglect and greediness caused the reconstruction to be a failure.The corrupt government, terrorist organizations, unfocused president, and ignorance were also part of the ending of the reconstruction. President Lincoln didn’t want the civil war he wanted to keep the nation together. When Lincoln went into office he wasn't planning on getting rid of slavery nor starting a civil war. Before the reconstruction era was the civil war. Many good things and bad things came from the civil war. The civil war was a war between the North and the South. The war for the north was to end slavery, but for the south it was about rights and liberty. It wasn’t until afterwards that Americans started to notice the good and the bad. Not as many people…show more content…
The north made a compromise which was a wrong decision and was the start to something worse that was what to come. Also the corruption of the government in the north caused the reconstruction to fall apart. (Background Essay paragraph 1) “1876 was an exciting year for America” “So it is great irony of history that the election of 1876 officially crushed the american dream.” The Compromise of 1877 was a compromise that gave both sides what they assumed they wanted. (Background Essay, Paragraph 4) The Compromise was introduced because of the presidential election. The north wanted there president and the south wanted theirs. The Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes against the Democratic Candidate Samuel J. Tilden. So the north wanted to make a compromise and they wanted to give the north and the south what they wanted. The north got their president and the south got the union troops out of the south. (Background Essay Paragraph 5) When Hayes took union troops from the south he was ending the…show more content…
was worried about fixing the corrupt government. The northern government as well as the businesses and people were frauds or corrupt.(Document C) “Northern voters grew indifference to the South. Weary of the ‘Negro Question’ and ‘Sick of Carpetbag government.” The negro question is if the black men would ever be freed. The carpetbag Government were Northerners who went south to help freedmen and Reconstruction. (Hook Exercise:Reconstruction). The Panic of 1873 was a national crisis. Later Northerners turned on reconstruction.(Document C). (In the picture on Document C) It shows President Grant face in a barrel, on the barrel are rings and the rings show the illegal activity going on. (President U.S Grant) “I hope i shall get to the bottom of this.” At this moment of time Northerners have completely turned their backs on the south. They weren't focused and the south was soon going to go back as it once was if the north wasn't willing to help. Republicans in the south were getting brutally murdered and the north did nothing absolutely nothing to stop the kkk.(Document
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