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“The best way to predict your future is to create it” (Lincoln). President states the principal of Reconstruction, where to unite the United States, there must be an authoritative action to carry it out. The Reconstruction Era (1863-1877) is a period where Lincoln sought to restore the divided nation by uniting the confederates and the union and to involve the freedmen into the American society. The main objectives were to initially restore the union, to rebuild the South and to enact progressive legislation for the rights of the freed slaves. Thus, the executive and legislature branches had enacted a series of polices to “create the future” for the United States. Although the policies tied down to the Reconstructive motive, there was controversy …show more content…

In July 1864, the Radical Republican proposed the Wade-Davis Bill in response to Lincoln’s lenient plan (Keene 412). The Radical Republicans Reconstruction Plan had called for the punishment of the South (SparkNotes). The Wade-Davis bill asserted congressional control over the rehabilitation of the defeated Confederacy and it also prohibited Confederate officials and veterans from voting (Keene 413). Lincoln, however, vetoed the bill because it was a harsher means to unite the country. This refusal had angered the Republicans and showed the contrasting opinions that the legislative and executive branch obtain about Reconstruction (Keene 413). With the ratification of the Amendments, tension built around the southern districts. To enforce the security of the African Americans elections, martial law (1867-1870) was implemented throughout the southern districts that included the Carolinas and Texas (Dockswell). The ex-Confederates were directly affected by the martial law and the upcoming Johnson plan because it had ultimately kept the southerners in surveillance and in strict provisions. Upon the assassination of Lincoln in 1865, the preceding President (Andrew Johnson) took a whole different approach to Lincolns Plan …show more content…

In order to unite the nation, intense dispute had aroused. Through various laws both African Americans and ex-Confederates were affected by the reconstruction period. Although the Reconstruction Era had gained a negative legacy, the ratification of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were a breakthrough in the life of African Americans. The continuous development of polices was to reach the intended goal that the Reconstruction Era was sought for, to unify the United States of

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  • Explains that lincoln sought to restore the divided nation by uniting the confederates and the union and to involve the freedmen into the american society.
  • Explains that president lincoln issued the ten percent plan in 1863 and the freedmen's bureau, which served as an "all-purpose relief agency" for freemen in the south.
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