The Causes And Effects Of The New Jim Crow Laws

The laws known as “Jim Crow” were laws presented to basically establish racial apartheid in the United States. These laws were more than in effect for “for three centuries of a century beginning in the 1800s” according to a Jim Crow Law article on PBS. Many try to say these laws didn’t have that big of an effect on African American lives but in affected almost everything in their daily life from segregation of things: such as schools, parks, restrooms, libraries, bus seatings, and also restaurants. The government got away with this because of the legal theory “separate but equal” but none of the blacks establishments were to the same standards of the whites. Signs that read “Whites Only” and “Colored” were seen at places all arounds cities.…show more content…
Ferguson(1896) which was an incident when a black man in New Orleans tried to sit in a whites only railway car but was unsuccessful. He would be arrested and the court would eventually make it to the Supreme Court. The Jim Crow Laws lasted from 1877-1954 which was the civil rights movement really started to take effect. We had felt we had made a major accomplishment as people once we resolved that situation that was until the “New Jim Crow Laws” took effect. They found a new to work the system and limit African Americans particularly men in this case. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, is a book written by Michelle Alexander who talks about the legal system which is basically against black men. Once you’re arrested you basically lose all your rights for the most part but in our case we lose the rights that we fought many years for. Once you receive a felony you lose your ability to vote which is what they want and also limit job opportunities to a place like a fast food restaurant which is one of a few establishments that will hire felons. Even though the “New Jim Crows” is unofficial it is still something that as been proven by the author of the…show more content…
Both tried to hold blacks from being able to achieve the same as whites because we are viewed to be beneath them. Original “Jim Crow Laws” were actually legal at the time and justified in a way I guess because it was legal just not fair at all. The “New Jim Crow Laws” are not really legal or illegal it’s just a way to beat the original not being allowed anymore. These were things the government came up with to constrict what we can and cannot do. Both are forms of oppression and not only affect blacks but also other minorities as well. I feel that they view us a threat when we really all just want the same thing. African Americans have been targeted for many years trying to hold us back from becoming something. A caste system is always on the verge in some form to racially discriminate against blacks. African Americans have been exploited by the criminal justice system like no other group in America but it has been like this for many years but I feel it is wrong not to bring up other groups who go through the same problem such as latinos. America is set up where no one but whites are supposed to make it and if you are lucky enough to make it you are being controlled by the whites still because they have the real power. They make us feel like we are in control sometimes but in reality we really aren’t. If we do one thing that they do not approve of they will take away the

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