Racial Diversity on College Campuses

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Diversity is a common issue everywhere, people find it hard to accept others who are different than than them in any way, and racial diversity is an especially big issue. College campuses create opportunities for students to become more accepting about diversity. They are surrounded by students of many different cultures and races opening their minds to new ideas.

Racial diversity is not always accepted and in some cases has resulted in violence. “The most highly publicized racial incidents, ranging from verbal harassment to beatings, occurred at some of the most elite institutions in the country.”(Hurtado, Sylvia) Violence toward racial diversity has made it hard to promote diversity but despite the violence and rejection toward diversity there are still those who support and defend diversity. “In many cases student organize protest as a direct response to these problems, or to express solidarity with students suffering similar problems at other institutions.”(Hurtado, Sylvia) Because there are still those who believe in and support diversity proves that people can and will eventually come around to accepting it.

Another way people continue to deny diversity is by claiming that a diverse student body causes academic standards to lower. “Moreover, the critics charge, race-conscious policies designed to promote diversity have serious negative effects, including lowering academic standards, "polarizing" campuses, and denying educational opportunities to "more deserving" white students the "reverse discrimination" argument.”(Chang, Mitchell) People continue to use false accusations like this to rid campuses of racial diversity.

Issues with racial diversity is not limited to the student body, teachers and admissions people also tak...

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