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Now that we have explored my past, present, and future experiences with diversity, it is time to see how they are present within and effect each other. Firstly, let’s look into how my future is present in my past. The most obvious portion of my future that is in my past is my willingness and efforts to love and include everyone and to spread this world view. It took a fellow classmate of mine to demonstrate to my third grade self that we are all human beings and we all deserve to be treated as such. In my future, I aspire to demonstrate this world view to my students and inspire them to treat each other accordingly. This aspiration directly reflects my world view struggles I went through in third grade, for I want to help my students come to…show more content…
In my present life, I am struggling with my conflicting experiences of serving and running club basketball. This is similar to my struggle with diversity in my past. In both situation we find the portion of my being that wishes to fit in at war with my true thoughts and beliefs. I know that in the end my true self will win, I just hope it doesn’t undergo any changes in the meantime. My present confliction between my views and the views of those around me exists in my past, as well.
Ultimately, my life is an intricate combination of my past, present, and future. At all times my life is being affected by my past experiences, present situations, and future aspiration. My past experiences shape how I react in present situations, while my future aspirations influence the present situations that I take on. My past experiences also influence the future path they my life takes. Move over, the path of my life is not linear progression of events, but a complex journey of self-reflection and I experience, reflect, and act in my present
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As I scripted these pieces, I began to see the similarities between my position in third grade and my current situation as a server. It is difficult for me to admit, but the resemblances are clear to see. I am, again, falling into a pattern of discrimination that stems from a need to fit in. My Currere has demonstrated to me that I need to make changes in my present before my future is affected. As I conclude, I challenge myself, and others, to rise above using discrimination as a conversation starter or something to bond over. As I walk into work this weekend, I will keep this paper in mind and will work harder towards eliminating discrimination from my word, actions, and

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