The Importance Of Diversity On College Campuses

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When diversity is being discussed, there are a plethora of ideas that are associated with it. Whether people are talking being put on a waitlist for college, about people of color, or about representation in the media, the subject of diversity is not rare. Recently, the conversation of diversity has become more common because colleges want to demonstrate that they have diversified campus. How would diversity on campus be defined? Most importantly, diversity is more than having an extraordinary personality. Race, gender, sexuality, and social status are a few of the superfluous traits that make an individual unique in a college’s eyes. In Sophia Kerby’s article, “10 Reasons Why We Need Diversity on College Campuses”, she notes that, while there has already been an effort to diversify high schools and middle schools, accepting students of different backgrounds is not as apparent in higher education (1) . A university desires to diversify its campus in order to benefit the students that are attending the college. Students are not only likely to improve …show more content…

Essentially, students may have the tendency to have similar or more significant interests in front of peers in order to feel accepted when participating in class. In Sheen S. Levine and David Stark’s article, “Diversity Makes You Brighter” the authors emphasize how participants in a study who were in diverse company had 58 percent more accurate answers in a stock project (2). If colleges were to begin diversifying their campuses, students would be surrounded by individuals who do not share similar characteristics. Expanding the amount of diverse students on college campuses make a student feel more independent which can lead to an increase in honest results in the knowledge of college students. Evidently, broadening the diversification of colleges contributes to educational

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that diversity is more than having an extraordinary personality. diversity is beneficial to students of different cultures and benefits future-graduates who have not yet experienced being around people of a unique background.
  • Explains that diversity is about being around people who may not come from the same culture. adding an endless amount of diverse groups promotes the growth in knowledge of other cultures.
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