Race And Ethnicity Reflection Paper

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Topic Reflection 6 Throughout, our history race and ethnicity has always been a major topic of discussion because of the problem that is happening associated with it. This issue ties into discrimination in health, education, justice, immigration, population, and the lack of opportunity that is given to the to those who is constantly being discriminated. The readings and videos gives us an insight on how big the problem really is, and how many people are suffering from discrimination. These problems lasted for than a centuries and it is still continuing. In response, to the major increase in the problem that is involving with race and ethnicity, activist began to spread their message on preventing this problem of discrimination through speeches, videos, and social media.

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It shows that among the poor kids going to prison, the majority was African American and Latinos. Also, it is shown that police brutality is still prominent in many parts in United States of America. Many young African American are faced with problem of going to jail and not getting proper education, especially those who has the least advantage living in an area of poor education and lifestyle. It is shown that the United States had the many young people in prison compare to the rest of the country. This can be related to the discrimination because majority of the young kids who goes to jail are African American and Hispanics, also this ties into them going to jail because they are the group who earns the lowest income, thus they have less opportunity and more likely to face discrimination. However, this issue has become a major social problem, which many young people and activist took to the streets and protested against the injustice that was happening. Also, in the movie it also showed the discrimination that is happening in the 80s, when there was an increase in police

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