Race and Ethnicity

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Through the selected readings it becomes clear that race is not only a social construct but also a value that changes depending on the region in which one inhabits. Despite the lack of scientific support for race as a biological phenomenon, race still results in misfortune for many minorities. This present throughout everyday life in terms of job opportunities, education, and life experiences. Jeffrey M. Fish’s article “Mixed Blood” gives evidence to race as a social construct rather than a biological entity. The first piece of evidence that insists that race is not biological is the fact that human are a single species. Despite having physical differences, all humans are able to mate with “others… and produce fertile offspring” (Fish 250). This evidence indicates the humans are more biological similar than we let on. Despite many beliefs that humans are separated by physical characteristic, through scientific evidence it is clear that we are one species. While many people point out that certain characteristics are shared by certain groups of people it is important to note that these differences are evolutionary characteristics that allowed our ancestors to survive in varied conditions (Fish 250). A common example of this is the differences in skin color of people indigenous to different parts of the world. A person with roots in Scandanavia, a cold area, is likely to have much lighter skill than a person whose ancestors were from an equatorial African nation. Fish also introduces the psychological factor of people of a particular race believing their race to have more variation. This is an interesting concept because it is heard throughout pop culture and daily life. This article explains the occurrence as being an environmen... ... middle of paper ... ...of their offering, referencing an added “risk” from taking her as a client (Williams 70-71). This is clearly an act of discrimination by bank. The fact that our society is largely built on race is an issue today as people experience unfair treatment that comes along with racial stereotypes. For example, blacks are often seen as uneducated which, as in Williams’ case, can lead to unfair treatment. Racist people or organization can lead minorities to have the inability to experience the same job opportunities, education, and healthcare benefits among many other situations. In order to reform the treatment of people the racial caste system needs to be destroyed in the United States and throughout the world. It is time to realize that all humans are biologically equally; our variations are simply traits that define our genetics, not necessarily or backgrounds or morals.

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