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  • White and African-American Relations

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    the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the grounds of the major seminary of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit. It was, and still can be found, only two blocks west of the site of the rebellion. On the second day of the riots an African American housepainter reportedly painted the hands, feet and face of Jesus black. Since then on at least two occasions, the paint has been removed, but after each time someone painted it black once more. Since then, the seminary has kept the black paint fresh

  • The Isue of Native Americans and Whites

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    In my opinion, it is debatable if the first encounters between Native Americans and whites were peaceful but the historical consensus in our nation is that they were. Being a card holding member of the Cherokee nation puts me at a unique perspective on the issue of Native Americans and whites as I was raised to understand a different history than generally portrayed in history books. Our book states that Columbus was highly intrigued by the natives that he encountered. Columbus said he thought

  • The American Dream, for White People Only

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    A white picket fence, a brand new car, children running to school, and a stellar job; —these are just a few elements of the American dream which became a reality for many white working class families after World War Two. With the economy beginning to flourish, white Americans began to pick the fruits of their affluent society. However, with racism still alive and laws allowing segregation still in play, poverty was still a reality for many African American families. While the white working class

  • African-Americans perform for the White People

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    Dr. Manganelli in “The Tragic Mulatta Plays the Tragic Muse” and Dr. Ashton in “Entitles: Booker T. Washington’s Signs of Play” depict marginalized African-American characters who have to deal with being former slaves and get into the public light in performative roles. Both authors show that African-American always have to perform for white people, be it when they are slaves, in a concubine role or later when they are free. Dr. Manganelli depicts a mixed-race woman, which was a figure of intense

  • Clue and the Crisis of the American White Male

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    Clue and the Crisis of the American White Male Nothing is more American than the crossover appeal of products in the mass media; this appeal is what propelled the idea for the 1985 release of the film Clue, based on the Parker Brothers board game. Furthermore, in keeping with the game's theme, the film appeared in theaters across the country with different endings. With an ensemble cast of talented but little known actors—Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Mull, Madeline

  • I Was Born a White, Middle Class American

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    before I knew what it was. My entire life I have been a middle class white male. I was born into this identity and most likely will die in this identity. My entire family fits into the same class of society. I could probably wear a sign that read, “Average American” and no one would ever tell me that I was not. The neighborhood that I grew up in is middle class, and a majority of the neighbors that I have are also white and of the same class. When I was younger, me and my friends would play

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal for White Americans Only

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    "Life is all right in America", "If you're all white in America" --- From the song "America", a well-known song from the musical West Side Story. The birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal opened new opportunities to Americans who had suffered through the long Great Depression

  • American Film was Born from White Depictions of Blacks

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    History “American film was born from white depictions of blacks” Rogin (1996) Rogin (1996) argues that American films became popular from popular images at the time of caucasian people painting an image of African Americans using the well known "Blackface". "Maafa 21" is a film Directed by Mark Crutcher released in 2009; this film looks into how African Americans history shortly after slavery and how they struggled with labels and categorised with different types of insulting names. This documentary

  • The American Revolution: Freedom for the White Man

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    The American Revolution was a glorious war fought to free the American colonies from the British rule. Although we won that war, there were still many people who were not free from our rule. One group of people were the black slaves. The black people had many struggles to freedom which helped shape our American culture today. Three different periods characterized there struggles: the slaves before the Civil War, during Reconstruction, and during the civil rights movements. These three

  • The Portrayal of Racism and White Privilege in American Films

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    White privilege is incredibly in evident in Rush Hour through the roles of the FBI agent in charge of the case. When the Chinese consular calls Lee for backup. The FBI agents feel threatened and annoyed and use the excuse that Lee will simply become a distraction and liability on the case. To the agents, Lee is a foreigner whose crime fighting tactics are subpar when it comes to the almighty FBI of the United States of America. They believe their department is the number one enforcer and that Lee