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The article, “RACE AND ETHNICITY- CHANGING SYMBOL IS OF DOMINANCE AND HIERARCHY IN THE UNITED STATES” by Karen I. Blu is an exceptional work that clearly expounds on the racial and ethnic groups especially in America. Racial and ethnic groupings are gradually becoming popular in the public arena, in which people are shifting their focus on classifying other people on the basis of racial groupings to rather classifying them on the basis of ethnicity. Moreover, race grouping is slowly submerging into ethnic grouping with Black activism being the role player in this (Blu, 1979). The following is a summary of the aforementioned article in how it relates to racial and ethnic groups and response regarding its views. The main focus of the article…show more content…
The focus on ethnic schema is how individuals are collectively protecting and fighting for their interest as a group, which has led to ranking such as minority groups depending on their indomitable strength over others. The new system of ethnic schema promotes ethnic identity that is imperative to ones well- being. However, the shift from race to ethnic group has been implicated with the concern on historical issues. The members of certain groups are not only concerned with their past but also their interaction with members of other ethnic group (Blu, 1979). History has been termed as an important feature that describes an ethnic group based on their shared experiences and traditions and of common heritage. However, in terms of racial classification, history is rendered irrelevant since race is a biological construct. History as asserted by on the African Americans women has been the potent feature that symbolises ethnicity structure among…show more content…
More focus into the ethnic groups is just another racial grouping on a different perspective. The increased competition for ethnic identity among ethnic groups is posing as a rediscovery of racial groups, in which ethnic groups are termed as majority or minority groups. However, the shift to ethnic group has shaped some characteristics of individuals that were previously coined in social differentiation according to race. One of the noticeable individual features that have been shaped is the aspect of mutual and collective interests, in which every member strives to protect common interests of the group e.g. human rights. I believe that racial and ethnic groups are things that will continue to exist from our past historical experiences. We can together wipe out the problem of discrimination and injustices based on ethnicity and racial differences, if we all strive towards cherishing social consciousness for one another as a one human race and freeing ourselves from the trappings of our racial and ethnic
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